Checklist for Washer troubleshooting

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Checklist for Washer troubleshooting

Washer users by “does not work” mean a lot of different malfunctions. Therefore, it is first necessary to understand what exactly is not working, and only then take action – to call a wizard or troubleshoot the problem yourself.

Machine does not turn on, lights on control panel do not light up

Which means that there’s been a break in the power supply. First of all, check it out:

  • the fuse box;
  • the plug and cord of the washing machine.

control board

Control board repair

If there’s nothing wrong with these parts, then it’s the machine itself. There is a complete list of possible malfunctions in the article “Why the washing machine is not turned on❓”. According to the experience of AmeriPro, the most frequent of them is the control module failure. And if you are not an electronics repair specialist, you cannot do without a technician.

The door lock does not work, the washing machine does not block the hatch.

The common situation is that when the washer is turned on, the program is selected but the washing does not start: the machine does not even pick up water. This happens because the door is not locked. Try to open the washing machine and close it again (before a characteristic click). You may have just closed the hatch of the machine loosely, so it does not work. If opening-closing does not work, then the door lock does not work. You can read “Why the washing machine does not lock the door❓” has a complete list of possible breakdowns. The most popular of them is a door lock fault (hatch locking device).

How to replace Interlock

door-lock fault

No water in the washing machine.

Sometimes the washer door is blocked, but the water is not collected and the machine is not washed. Models with display show water typing error. In that case, check:

If none of these tips help, your washing machine is faulty. For a list of possible breakdowns, see the article “Why the washing machine doesn’t pick up water”. The most common one is a failure of the water supply valve to the washing machine.

How to replace inlet valve

inlet valve

The engine’s not running, and the drum’s not spinning.

Usually users notice a broken motor when the washing machine is not spinning the drum. All possible reasons when the drum is not spinning are in the article. The most common malfunction is wear and tear on the engine brushes. They are too short and do not generate enough torque to rotate the drum.

How to replace motor brushes


Heating element does not work.

Users often face such trouble. The washing machine on heated programs spins the drum for a while and then hangs. Models with a display usually show a heating error on the screen in the form of a number-letter combination, without a display the indicators blink. Washing programs in cold water (without heating) can go as usual. See the article “Why the washing machine is not heating the water”, it has a complete list of reasons why it is not heating.

How to replace heater element


The drain doesn’t work.

The machine hangs with water in the drum and does not move to the next program cycle (rinsing, spin). Models with display give out on the screen an error drain, washer without screen show an error blinking lights on the control panel.

⚠️Note: The lack of drains differs from heating problems in that the machine hangs with water at the end of the washing cycle. And if there is a heating malfunction – at the beginning of the program or immediately at switch-on.

Before you call us, check it:

  • The drain filter is not clogged. In horizontal machines, it is in the bottom right or left corner. Here are general instructions for cleaning the filter. You can also take a look at your washer’s instruction manual, which has a separate section on cleaning the drain filter.
  • There is no clogging in the sewer. Washing machines with a drain connected to the sink siphon are most likely to suffer from such clogs. The siphon is clogged and prevents the machine from draining.
  • Whether the drain hose is twisted or transferred. Spread the hose to remedy the problem.

If our advice does not help you, you should look for the fault inside the machine. Here is a separate article that summarizes all the reasons why the washers drain does not work. In the experience of AmeriPro technician, pump failure is the most common reason for the lack of a drain. The drain pump does not work, so the washing machine can not release water.

How to replace of the drain pump


The spin cycle does not work.

Housewives detect a malfunction this way:

  • the washing machine hangs on a rinse with water and does not switch to spin;
  • the washing machine doesn’t pick up steam on the spin.

In the first case, the root cause is the lack of drain, the washer does not drain, so it does not come to spinning. If spinning really does not work, and the drum is not gaining momentum, then check:

  • Have you overloaded the machine with your underwear. Pull out some of the things and try to run the spin cycle again. You can find the loading rate in your machine’s manual.
  • Things are not evenly distributed. If you’re washing a blanket and a pair of underwear, then no spinning is the expected behavior of the machine. It cannot evenly spread things in the drum, so spinning does not start.

At this point, the range of possible problems that can be solved by your own efforts ends. In the article “Why the washing machine does not spin” there is a complete list of breakdowns that do not work spinning. Most often, the motor brushes fail: they wear out and do not create enough electromagnetic field to rotate the drum.

How to replace motor brushes

motor brushes

If you checked your washing machine on the checklist and made sure you had a breakdown, call AmeriPro at ️(800) 657-0765

We will arrive with the right parts within 24 hours and repair your washing machine at your home.