What if the washing machine isn’t heating the water?

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What if the washing machine isn’t heating the water?

As we know, not only chemicals and mechanical effects are important for quality washing, but also temperature. It is almost impossible to wash serious stains in cold water. Therefore, if the washing machine stops heating the water, you can forget about effective washing.

Modern washing machines are capable of heating water to 95 degrees. But only if the machine works properly.

Unfortunately, situations where the washer does not heat the water are common. Most often it is the poor quality of tap water that is to blame. If your washing machine is in such trouble, do not be in a hurry to get upset. Let’s try to figure out what could have happened together.

  • Make sure the water isn’t really heating up? Normally, we get the laundry out after rinsing and drying – and it should be cold normally! So the temperature of the underwear is not indicative. You have to check during the laundry. In case the water does not heat up, the machines of the latest models stop the program after 10-15 minutes from the beginning and give an error on the display. It’s obvious. Older models may go through the entire wash cycle and not heat the water. To understand that the washing machine does not heat the water, you can only gently touch the glass hatch: usually, the heating is well felt after 15-20 minutes from the start. If the glass is cold – alas, the fears have been confirmed.
  • Check if the mode and temperature are correct? Many modes – such as those for delicate, delicate fabrics or woollen items – wash at low temperatures of around 30 degrees. Perhaps you have chosen this mode? In addition, many machines allow you to adjust the temperature separately. Is it possible that the temperature control is low? In this case, just select the desired mode and temperature.
  • Will you check if the machine is connected correctly? Sometimes, when the machine is not connected correctly, the washing machine constantly takes up and drains water, and as a result, due to this excessive “circulation” – simply can not heat it. More information about it in this article about it in our article “What if the washing machine isn’t heating the water?”

If everything looks fine, the program is selected correctly, but there is no heating, it means something is wrong. At this stage, we recommend that you stop doing “self-diagnostics” and entrust the machine to repair appliances that can tell exactly what happened.

Why isn’t the washer heating: the main reasons

Washing machines work under extreme conditions: voltage fluctuations and poor water quality are the main factors that affect the performance of washing machines. Below are the main breakdowns that do not heat the water in the washer.

Breakdown What’s the problem?

Heater malfunction.

It’s possible that the electric tube heater in the machine failed. This can be caused by limescale deposits due to hard water and poor powder, as well as voltage drops in the power grid.

It is necessary to replace the Heater.

Malfunction of the temperature sensor (thermostat).

A “malfunction” or broken temperature sensor, so the “brain” of the washing machine can not determine that the temperature does not reach the set point, and heating does not occur. Very often, the sensors fail due to limescale.

The thermostat has to be replaced.

Malfunction of the control board (in washing machines with electronic control) or programmer (in models with electromechanical control). As a result of voltage drops, the stabilizer in the control module has broken down, which gives the heater command that the water should be heated to a certain temperature.

It is necessary to replace the control board.

From experience we can note that most often the problem lies precisely in the heater malfunction – its operating life in our conditions is from 3 to 7 years. Heater replacement is a standard operation, but it is better to trust it to a specialist: incorrect installation of the heater or its malfunction can lead to short circuit or even fire of the washing machine! So please do not risk your life! In case your machine stops heating the water, call customer service today at ️(800) 657-0765

Repair will take no more than 2 hours, after which you can use the washing machine again. And, without any worries: we are responsible for the quality of work done and always give a guarantee!