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Microwave Repair Services

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Most people in Los Angeles enjoy preparing food in their own home. They often spend weeks working out what they’re going to prepare, gathering the ingredients, and locating the recipe. For most of us, our microwave plays an important role in preparing these great meals. Not only is it part of the preparation process, but most of us use the microwave to keep the food warm and tasty. This is why it’s such a bummer when your microwave stops working properly. When this happens to you, you should take heart in the fact that AmeriPro provides top of the line microwave repairs and we’re just a phone call way. No matter how minor or serious your microwave repairs are, we’re ready and willing to help. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

Microwave Repair: Types of Modern Microwaves

By appliance standards, microwaves are a fairly new type of appliance and have only become a household staple during the past 40 years or so. A number of changes that have been made to microwaves in what has been a relatively short period of time is nothing short of remarkable.

Different characteristics modern microwaves have include:

  • Being convectional or conventional
  • Difference in size
  • Different types of exterior body styles
  • Whether they’re a built in microwave or a counter top model
  • Special features

While each of the things might seem nominal, in reality, they play a huge role regarding how much you enjoy the appliance. Each of these differences also determines the way we troubleshoot and repair the microwave. The differences in each microwave, the way it’s used, and the quirks common to the brand play a huge role in the type of repairs it will require.

The fact that manufacturers are discovering different ways to use innovative technology to add even more special features to their microwaves means more repair issues that will eventually need to be addressed. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

Most modern microwaves have:

  • Programmable timers
  • Digital clocks that influence your ability to cook with the microwave
  • Special settings such as a plate warming setting
  • Various types of turntables
  • Complex digital keypads

When everything works, all these different special features are marvelous, but all it takes is one of the features to stop working and your microwave becomes a brick. It’s at this point, you want to contact us. We’re the single most reliable appliance repair establishment in Los Angeles that provides budget friendly repairs. You won’t believe how quickly we can restore your microwave to perfect working order.

We’ve made setting up a microwave repair appointment super easy. The only effort you have to expend involves connecting with us, which you can do either with a phone call or by filling out the online form.

We’re eager to hear from you!

Microwave Repairs: Are DIY Microwave Repairs Feasible?

We’ve been surprised by the number of people who have decided that they want to try to tackle their own Viking microwave repairs in Los Angeles, and many have been very happy with the results.

People have taken a renewed interest in doing their own things around the home and that includes microwave repair. If you’re interested in repairing your own microwave, fantastic! We just want to remind you to give yourself plenty of time, consult your owner’s manual, and use factory certified parts.

If you start your own microwave repair and you get stuck, it’s okay. Set up an appointment and we’ll wrap up the job for you. After all, that’s what we’re here for!

Here are some microwave repair troubleshooting tips you’ll find helpful:

  • When the digital display or interior lights are unresponsive, you’ll generally find that eh problem is a blown fuse or problem with the microwave’s internal wiring
  • When the microwave is overcooking everything, the root of the problem is most often the thermostat which should be replaced.
  • If the microwave has power, but won’t actually cook anything, examine the door, you’re looking damaged door sensors or a broken door latch

Before you throw yourself into DIY microwave repairs, remember both troubleshooting and completing the repair can be time-consuming so don’t try to rush it. You’ll also want to make sure you’re in a patient mood and that you’re willing to make and correct mistakes that always happen when someone tries to repair their first microwave.

Don’t feel bad if you’re unable to work up the nerve to handle your own microwave repairs. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just set up an appointment and we’ll do the work for you. We’re happy too! Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

Microwave Repair: Good Maintenance is Important!

Caring for your microwave requires more than just wiping it down after each use. At least once a year, you should contact us and have us conduct a professional maintenance appointment. The purpose of the appointment is to:

  • Evaluate your microwave’s overall performance
  • Identify any parts and components that show signs of wear and need to be replace
  • Making sure your microwave isn’t drawing more power than it should
  • Cleaning the vents

This yearly maintenance appointment doesn’t take much time and will extend the amount of time you can use you microwave by several years, while also virtually eliminating the possibility of your having to contact us about emergency maintenance repairs. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

The Best Repair Team in the Los Angeles Area

You can look far and wide, but you won’t be able to find a better team of microwave repair specialists in the entire Los Angeles area than the one employed by AmeriPro. We’ve worked hard to assemble the team and we are delighted with the results. Each team member brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to the company and is happy to stay on top of the ever changing world of microwave repair. Each member of the AmeriPro microwave repair team works fast, accurately, and is very professional in their demeanor.

Feel free to ask lots of questions about microwaves while our tech is there. They’ll provide you with the answers and even give you pointers on how you can better care for your microwave. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

On Site Microwave Repairs

We understand that your microwave is smaller than most of you household appliances, but we don’t think that it’s small size is a reason to make you drive back and forth across Los Angeles just so you can get it fixed. This is why we come to your home or business and handle all the microwave repairs on site.

Microwave Repairs at Your Convenience

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been told about someone who was expected to take an entire day off work, completely rearranging their entire schedule because they were dealing with an appliance repair company that refused to set a time for the appointment. Instead, they expected their clients to sit around waiting for them. What’s even worse are the stories that end when the tech assigned to the repair never showed up. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

We’re appalled by this behavior and vowed a long time ago that we’d never treat our customers that way. The way our appointment policy is set up, you get to tell us what time works for you, and then we rearrange our schedule around you. It’s a system our customers love! When you have a microwave emergency, we’ll send a tech to your home or out on weekends and holidays.

The different brands we’re authorized to repair include:

🔴 Amana 🔴 Frigidaire 🔴 Marvel
🔴 Asko 🔴 GE 🔴 Maytag
🔴 Bosch 🔴 Hotpoint 🔴 Miele
🔴 Dacor 🔴 Jenn-Air 🔴 Samsung
🔴 DCS 🔴 Kenmore 🔴 Scotsman
🔴 Electrolux 🔴 Kitchen Aid 🔴 Sears
🔴 Fisher&Paykel 🔴 LG Repair 🔴 Siemens
🔴 Sub-Zero 🔴 U-line 🔴 Whirlpool
🔴 Thermador 🔴 Viking 🔴 Wolf Repair
🔴 Traulsen

Whenever you encounter a problem with your microwave, it’s in your best interest to touch base with us.  We’ve provided an online appointment scheduling form on our website or you can call us. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

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