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Hotpoint Appliance Repair Services

Hotpoint Appliance Repair

As a rule, the general population isn’t as familiar with Hotpoint appliances as they are other brands, many people don’t even realize that they own a Hotpoint appliance until they contact us about getting it repaired. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

In reality, Hotpoint appliances have been around for a really long time. The company was first created more than a hundred years ago. It’s a California company that traces its origins to Ontario California.

Considering how long Hotpoint appliances have been around, it’s natural to assume that the company was founded by individuals who had a strong background in both business and appliances but that’s not the case at all The founder was a local meter reader who’d grown tired of fighting with his heavy iron each time he tried removing the wrinkles from his clothing. It took some time, but he eventually created and patented a better, lighter weight iron which went on to be the first Hotpoint household appliance. From there, an entire appliance manufacturing dynasty was created.

The second founding member of the Hotpoint team was a journalist who couldn’t stop tinkering with his kitchen range. After some trial and error, he had changed it enough that it actually changed many of the ways American’s cooked.

The two got together and founded the Hotpoint Appliance Company in 1903.

The Appeal of Hotpoint Appliances

Hotpoint, which is now a sub-company for the GE Corporation, has built a solid customer base of people who want to fill their life with simple, user friendly, good quality, appliances that are economically friendly. Hotpoint’s design team knows that their appliances might not match up to the other brands when it comes to flashy appearances and special feature, but they also know that as long as they continue to manufacture durable and reliable appliances, they’ll retain a solid section of the market, a section that the manufactures of high end luxury appliances aren’t interested in.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Repair

As a rule, you can usually purchase a brand new Hotpoint dishwasher for under $400 which is a very economical price. Since the dishwasher doesn’t have as many special features as some of the other models currently available on today’s market, the odds are pretty good that you’ll be able to handle the repair work on it all by yourself. The trick is to give yourself plenty of time, having the right tools an Hotpoint certified parts, and staying patient throughout the entire repair process.

The most common problem people run into with their Hotpoint dishwasher is that it suddenly stops draining and water pools in the bottom of the machine. The good news is that the matter is generally easy to resolve.

If you’re dealing with a Hotpoint dishwasher that doesn’t fill up properly, you’ll want to look for a broken valve. Once you identify the valve, replace it with a new Hotpoint valve and the water should once again flow smoothly into your dishwasher

A leaking Hotpoint dishwasher indicates a problem with either the spray arm of the soap dispenser. As a rule, replacing the hose resolves the matter.

If you start working on your Hotpoint dishwasher and are unable to resolve the matter, give us a call and we’ll happily finish doing the work for you. We’ll even show you what we’re doing so that if the problem ever comes up again (and it shouldn’t) you’ll know what to do. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

We’re fully qualified to handle any repairs needed to the:

  • Hotpoint HDA2100HCC Dishwasher
  • Hotpoint HDA3600HBB Dishwasher
  • Hotpoint HDA3600HWWDishwasher
  • Hotpoint HDA2100HBB Dishwasher
  • Hotpoint HDA2100HWW Dishwasher

As well as older models that Hotpoint no longer manufactures

Hotpoint Oven Repair

If you love to cook healthy and tasty meals for yourself, you’ll be understandably upset when your Hotpoint oven stops working. The good news is that in most cases, the situation can be easily resolved.

If you can’t get the oven to turn on, take a second and check out the power cord. Don’t assume that just because it’s still plugged into the wall that it’s in good order. Examine both the cord and the outlet itself and make sure there aren’t any problems getting power to your Hotpoint oven.

If the oven turns on only to suddenly shot off again, the problem is most likely an electrical short. Since wiring problems can be complex to both track down and repair, the best way to handle the issue is giving us a call. We’ll be able to resolve the matter faster than you can. Make sure you turn off the power to your oven first.

If you find that the only way to restore your Hotpoint oven to perfect working order is by replacing a damaged component, we strongly urge you to use only parts that have been certified by Hotpoint. You’ll find that not only do the Hotpoint parts fit your appliance better, but that they’re also higher quality, which diminishes the odds of you developing the same problem in the future. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

Hotpoint Washing Machine Repair

Yes, Hotpoint washing machines are well made but that doesn’t mean they’ll run perfectly for the rest of your life. So far, no brand of washing machine is capable of performing such a feat. The good news is that when you do have problems with your Hotpoint washing machine, you can repair it. You just need to have the right tools and the be willing to spend time working on the washing machine.

Water Fill Hoses

One of the first things to wear out in Hotpoint washing machines are the water fill hoses. The first sign that there’s problems with your machine’s water fill hoses will most likely be that they start leaking. We generally recommend replacing the entire hose rather than trying to patch up the current hole. Even if your water fill hose hasn’t actually reached the point where it’s cracked and leaking, if you see stretch marks or small blisters, it indicates a leak is about to form and that it’s time to replace the hoses.

Washing Machines that Rock to and fro

Just because your washing machine is rocking back and forth it doesn’t mean you should panic. The problem is quite correctable. The new swaying motion simply indicates that the machine is no longer properly balanced on its legs, a situation that usually happens because the machine was bumped or had a badly balanced load placed in it. You should be able to easily maneuver the washing machine back onto all four legs. If the problem happens over and over again, it could mean that there’s a more serious issue that’s causing your Hotpoint washing machine to wiggle and that you need to call us.

You can’t get your Hotpoint Washing Machine to Turn on

There are quite a few different things that can cause you to have issues getting your Hotpoint washing machine to turn on. The most common include electrical shorts, problems with the power cord, a blown internal circuit, problems with the outlet the washing machine is plugged into.

At the End of the Wash Cycle, Your Clothes are Covered in Soap Suds

One of the more irritating issues a Hotpoint washing machine can develop is failing to rinse your clothing at the end of the cycle, resulting in your having a wad of soapy, unwearable clothes on your hands. There are a few different things you can look for that will explain how this particular problem developed. Things to check out include:

  • The supply hoe is kinked
  • The cold water supply hose is blocked by something
  • Something is blocking the drain hose
  • The supply valve is broken, in which case you need to replace the part

The Hotpoint Washing Machine’s Agitation Cycle Doesn’t Work

If your Hotpoint washing machine won’t agitate the way it’s supposed to, you need to check out the lid. You want to look for a small plastic tab. If you don’t see the tab, it means it’s somehow broken off. Without it, the machine won’t enter the agitation cycle. Replacing the tap or the lid will resolve the matter.

If the tab is still there, the other thing that prevent the agitation cycle from happening are broken belt and problems with the motor.

The Spin Cycle Doesn’t Work

The purpose of the Hotpoint washing machine spin cycle is to remove excess water from your clothing, which reduces wear and tear on your Hotpoint dryer. When the cycle doesn’t start, you end up with dripping laundry.

Reason for a failure to spin your clothing include the clothing getting bunched into one clump during the wash cycle, redistributing them will resolve the problem. A broken or slipped belt will often result in the spin cycle getting skipped. If the controls aren’t working, the spin cycle may not start.

You can choose to resolve these matters on your own, or you can contact us. If you decide to contact us, we’ll handle the repairs right away, providing you with top quality repairs at the most reasonable rates in the Los Angeles area. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765