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Speed Queen Appliance Repair Services

speed-queen-logoSpeed Queen laundry appliance repair service by LA’s trusted specialists at AmeriPro Appliance Repair.  When a washer and dryer breaks, it could possibly feel like the end of the world. Having dirty clothes piling up could be a cause of great stress and send any family off of the edge. AmeriPro County Appliance Repair makes quick and efficient on-site repairs, so here isn’t any need to maneuver the appliance; all that you must do is call us and schedule an appointment, and a skilled, highly qualified appliance repair technician can be at your door to repair your washing machine or dryer right in your laundry room. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

AmeriPro County Appliance Repair has many years of expertise working on Speed Queen appliance brand washers and dryers, so we are well informed in how to carry out a Multi-Point Speed Queen Inspection to diagnose and repair your dysfunctional Speed Queen laundry appliance. Speed Queen Rear Control Dryers boast an additional-giant 7.0-cubic-foot cylinder, a big 2.06-sq.-foot door opening, and a quick drying process, helping you shorten the time you have to spend doing your laundry. Depending on  the issue you might be experiencing with your specific Speed Queen washing machine or dryer, we could even have the ability to offer you an analysis and a simple}-to-understand estimate right over the phone. We at AmeriPro Appliance Repair are skilled in repairing and servicing your Speed Queen Dryer.

Speed Queen Appliance History

  • In Ripon, Wisconsin USA there were two hard working hardware store owners who purchased washing machines from another company in Missouri back in the year 1908. These store owners were able to create a way to make these washing machines faster by using a new gearing structure.
  • In the years following Joe Barlow and John Selig were able to set up their manufacturing company Barlow & Selig Manufacturing and in the years 1928 the name Speed Queen® was adopted by the brand.
  • Fast forwarding a few years, Speed Queen® constructed their first electric powered washing machine. Speed Queen® has continually grown because of their highly successful appliances. They have added onto their manufacturing building multiple times in order to serve more of their loyal customers. Just as was the case when Speed Queen was founded, they are continuing to providing the world’s best washing machines and dryers for families.
  • Should your household experience any issues with your Speed Queen washer or dryer, at AmeriPro Appliance Repair we are right here to assist when you need us providing dependable services to all our neighbors here in Los Angeles. Rest assured that at AmeriPro Appliance Repair we use solely Speed Queen manufacturing facility licensed parts which ensure that cheap generic parts will not be used on your Speed Queen appliance. We have obtained the necessary tools, the most accurate information behind Speed Queen products, and the friendly customer support to make sure you’re every appliance need!

Featured Speed Queen Appliances

Our experienced and skilled washer and dryer repair technicians are expertly educated to know each inch of your Speed Queen laundry appliance. However, every part of a Speed Queen appliance can break down ultimately, and when it does, there isn’t anyone better than AmeriPro Appliance Repair to get you back on track.

We are very confident in the fact that we are able to determine the issue and repair your damaged Speed Queen washing machine or dryer rapidly, effectively and affordably. That’s one of the simple ways that the we offer superb Speed Queen appliance repair service! If you are going through troubles with your refrigerator, freezer, oven, range, dishwasher, washer, or clothes dryer, at AmeriPro Appliance Repair we fix most brands that you might have. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

Speed Queen Laundry Appliances

  • Top Load Washers
  • Front Load Washers

Speed Queen front load washers feature the new Dynamic Balancing Technology which has completely changed washing machines design. The Dynamic Balancing Technology redistributes the weight of the clothes in your load and it also has a new suspension system that is quieter than ever. The fast cycle time that the washer offers allows customers to finish more loads of laundry in less time. To make things even better, this model is Energy Star Certified making it energy efficient and saves you money on water expenses.

  • Dryers
  • Stacked Washers and Dryers

Speed Queen controls on their washers and dryers promise dependability and durability because the materials are made from commercial grade components. They stand by their control panel designs because they have been tested over time to endure humidity and extreme climates and have a built-in surge protector. All of this means that your product will be safe and will last through whatever conditions it is needed to be in, whether that is in a family home or a hard working commercial environment. Speed Queen has reinforced this product of theirs by offering a five-year warranty. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

Speed Queen Appliance Design Highlights

  • Built for the industrial trade, but now obtainable to your home, Speed Queen provides a wide range of washers and dryers to suit the needs of any family. We atAmeriPro Appliance Repair have been in the appliance repair service business for over a decade and serve hundreds of new clients every year
  • When you purchase a Speed Queen laundry appliance, you are getting an skilled name brand that’s rich in history and that has been designing, constructing, and testing the trade’s greatest laundry tools for greater than a century. At AmeriPro Appliance Repair we share honesty in our business practices and dedication to our neighborhood by providing quality service.

Speed Queen Appliance Awards


Women’s Choice Award Winner

  • America’s Best: Luxury Washer and Dryer brand in America


Women’s Choice Award Winner

  • America’s Best: Luxury Washer and Dryer brand in America

Speed Queen Appliance Sustainability

  • According to the findings of the Consumer Reports Annual Product Reliability Survey, Speed Queen appliances’ top-loaders washers are one of the more reliable washer brands

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