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Water Heater Repair Services

Cold showers are the least of your worries if your water heater has started to malfunction. Please do not ignore a damaged gas or electric gas water heater, as doing so can result in extensive property damage as well as third-degree burns or other injuries. Water heaters combine electrical wiring, heating elements, and water hoses, which means you definitely should not attempt to fix it yourself unless you are also a trained technician like our expert professional team.

The Leading Choice in Water Heater Repair in Los Angeles

LA’s best affordable and convenient water heater repair is just a call or email away, so please get in touch with us today and let us get the problem fixed for you.

Water Heater Preventative Maintenance

Though all water heaters will need to be replaced sooner or later, wouldn’t later be the better option? Professional maintenance care can more than double the effective service life of a water heater, which is why we urge customers to schedule a regular maintenance appointment with AmeriPro one or twice a year. It’s pretty likely that you wouldn’t do a search for water heater repair services in Los Angeles unless you already have a problem, so it’s crucial to act quickly. Many things can potentially go wrong with water heaters: burns from scalding hot water, a ruptured tank or water hose, internal corrosion, and even the risk of electrical fire or electrocution in some cases.

Whatever the issue may be, ignoring it will only cause it to become worse. What could be resolved with a simple service call today could require extensive repair work tomorrow, so please call AmeriPro now if your water heater is malfunctioning. We are among the top providers of water heater repair services in Los Angeles., and offer superior customer care at competitive rates. Please call or email us today if your water heater has these or any other issues:

Symptoms of a Faulty Water Heater

  • Broken temperature settings
  • Burned out heating components
  • Corrosion
  • Outdated or unsafe wiring
  • Problems with the tank or pipe insulation
  • Relief valve not working
  • Difficulties draining or flushing the tank
  • Sediment collection
  • Foul smelling stagnant water
  • Strange or loud noises, including “water hammer” sounds
  • Parts in need of replacement
  • Unit drawing too much power
  • Tank not properly secured (now required by law throughoutCalifornia)

Emergency Water Heater Repairs

Need emergency water heater repair in L.A.  or its surrounding communities? AmeriPro has work crews standing by 24/7 for those in need of immediate assistance (including weekends and holidays), a service we offer to customers at no extra charge. Our team includes water heater specialists that have spent years fixing the most popular brands of gas and electric water heaters from AO Smith, Bosch, Bradford White, Eccotemp, GE, Kenmore, Powerstar, Rheem, Whirlpool, and other top name brands. Whatever the problem is, AmeriPro has the right personnel with the right equipment to get your water heater repaired immediately and at a reasonable price that won’t cause unnecessary financial stress.

Read what customers have to say about AmeriPro Appliance Repair

“AmeriPro sent out a technician right away to fix my water heater. As soon as he looked at our unit, he knew exactly what was wrong and explained it to me in detail. When I agreed to the repair price, he fixed it immediately and it has been working like new ever since. The repair technician was friendly and obviously an expert in his field.” – Ralph G.