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American Range Repair Services

American Range Appliance Repair

Whether your refrigerator has stopped cooling your favorite or your range top has stopped cooking them, AmeriPro Appliance Repair associates can identify the problem with your American Range appliance —and they will work out the best way to repair it for you. At AmeriPro Appliance Repair our familiarity with the American Range brand makes us the quickest, most knowledgeable, and most skilled American Range appliance repair company in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

AmeriPro Appliance Repair is by far the most educated repair company for you to call for your American Range home appliance repair services because we are using only factory approved parts by the brand manufacturer itself to keep your American Range products operating flawlessly!

Choose us at AmeriPro Appliance Repair to be certain that your American Range appliance will be serviced just how you like it so that you can get back to enjoying your cooking experience.

Our licensed in-home repair technicians are factory skilled to supply the absolute most efficient and reliable service out there for the  American Range Appliances and other brands that you love.

The History of American Range Appliances

The appliance brand had its start when plumber Mourad Demirjian was living with wife and children during World War II. During these difficult years, the majority of American families were living simply to accommodate the war efforts. Demirjian and his family lived in a cold area and he wanted to provide a warm environment for them to be in. He created a diesel space heater that uses a safe setup to control the fuel into the machine. This space heater was a hit in the neighborhood and Demirjian’s design came to be high in demand. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

The Demirjian family started to create cooking appliances that were used for commercial use in the United States in the 1970’s. The quality appliances led to a line of appliances. This successful line has grown significantly and now American Range provides kitchen appliances for private use as well.

Featured American Range Appliances

American Range Freestanding Ranges

  • Cuisine Series
  • Performer Series
  • Heritage Series
  • Medallion Series

American Range range tops include

  • The American Range burners are available in large, medium and small sizes in order to fit household’s needs
  • The range tops are now made with electronic ignitions that automatically relight if the flame goes out. This feature works even when the burner is down low.
  • There are blue lights on the range top knobs that light up when the burners are in use
  • Sealed stainless steel cooktop can hold a gallon of spills

American Range oven features

  • The temperature on American Range ovens can be adjusted from 150ºF to 550ºF with combined traditional and convection bake options
  • Your American Range oven is capable of reaching high heat in only three seconds with the Instagrill™ broiler that has 3,500 watts. This allows families to cook and enjoy their meals even faster
  • The commercial quality American Range oven is ultra-insulated which means that although the oven will heat to the perfect temperature, the kitchen temperature will stay the same. This will keep the ambiance cool and comfortable for the hardworking home cook

American Range Warming Drawers

  • Villa Series
  • Integrated Series

Warming Drawer Features

  • There are four heaters in the American Range warming drawer that can up the heat from 70°F to 140°F in just four minutes. In only nine minutes temperature can reach up to 190°F.
  • Users can preset their warming drawer so that when they are ready, they can adjusts the temperature of the warming drawer by the touch of a button

American Range Cooktops

  • Vitesse Cooktops
  • 6 Burner Vitesse Cooktops

Cooktop Features

  • The grates on the American Range cooktop are made from cast iron and have continuous grates. These make moving pots and pans from one burner to another smooth and simple

American Range Wall Ovens

  • Legacy Single Deck
  • Legacy Double Deck
  • Legacy HYBRID

Oven Features

  • There are various practical functions on American Range wall ovens: the traditional Standard Bake, the new innovative Innovection® Convection Bake, the fast acting Infrared Broil and the oven’s useful Fan mode
  • The classic bake and the convection bake function can be operated to heat from a range of 200ºF to 500ºF providing families with just the right temperature at the right time
  • American Range Innovection® convection oven gives off an even heat that will help when the oven is needs to bake, roast or even dehydrate food.

American Rangetops

  • Legend Range tops
  • Performer Range tops

Rangetop Features

  • Sealed single-piece stainless steel cooktop can hold more than a gallon of spills
  • The burner controls on American Rangetops are made to protect children from accidently turning the burners on users have to push the knob inward then turn to operate it.

Design at American Range

  • The ovens at American Range are now equipped with new technology that promises to cut baking times and gives families a more even bake for their food. These results are possible because of the revamped hot air system and the addition of a ring heater. This system is called the Straight Convection™ Technology available from American Range.
  • Now available to American Range clients is the dual fuel range oven and range top. This range features an electric oven, which gives families the ability to adjust the precision of the temperature as well as having a fast acting gas range top.
  • The Innovection® Convection Oven is an appliance that works harder than an average convection oven by making meals more efficiently and faster. Also the Innovection® Convection Oven helps families to go green and save money because it uses less gas than an average convection oven.
  • American Range range tops and ovens bases are exchangeable and can be customized to adapt to the needs of the household. The burners can be moved or replaced with a grill or hot top or a griddle. This feature gives variety to a standard fixed cooktop and allows your range top to better serve you.

Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765