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Dryer Repair Services

You may be wondering if do-it-yourself dryer repairs are even possible for the uninitiated. The answer to this question is a resounding Yes! Although a clothes dryer may look intimidating for a lot of owners, most f the common problems that dryers encounter can be fixed with little skills and know-how. Understanding the basic parts and elements of clothes dryer makes it relatively easy to replace broken parts and repair damaged elements. Сall us today at ️(800) 657-0765

Dryer repair service in Los Angeles

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Despite its resemblance to a washer, a dryer is a bit more difficult to disassemble and may require you to use special tools in the process. Always make sure to have the right tools on hand to speed up the repair process. Purchase spare parts and elements that need to be replaced directly from the manufacturer.

Cost Effective Repair Rather Than Replacement
A cost-effective alternative is buying from local home improvement stores of spare parts and accessories. Moreover, it is also recommended to check the warranty before doing any DIY repairs. Take advantage of the free service that comes along the purchase and make sure to give them the specific symptoms that your dryer encounters for easy diagnosis and repair. If the dryer is already out of warranty, then it is totally fine to work on your dryer by yourself or seek professional help for major dryer issues and technical problems.

Before undertaking any repair at home, make sure to practice safety rules and tips. Always work with rubber gloves on as most issues will require you to touch and manipulate electrical elements and wirings. It is wise to disconnect the plug from the main wall outlet to avoid untoward incidents such as severe shock or electrocution. Сall us today at ️(800) 657-0765

Door Replacement

The door switch is an important part of a dryer. A malfunctioning door may mean that the dryer will be rendered useless even if the other components are working properly. A door that cannot be closed properly will disable all other components from doing their main functions. It is always crucial to check the door switch before looking into problems of other dryer elements and parts.

  • Locate the switch
  • Check the door latch for any signs of dirt or clog that disable the dryer from working. If there is a misalignment of the door latch, a simple readjustment will easily solve the problem.
  • When readjusting the door latch back into position, do not pull on the wires and properly disconnect them by detaching the connectors only. Label the wirings when cleaning the door latch. This makes it relatively simple to reconnect them after repairs.

Broken starter switch repair

When you hear a buzzing sound when you turn on the dryer, the starter switch may be encountering problems and will need to be fixed right away. Check the user manual and check where the starter switch is located. The location is basically different from one manufacturer to another.

Once you have identified the broken starter kit, place the multitester to test the starter switch by connecting the tester to the two probes at both ends. The multimeter should detect continuity or should read infinity as its result. If there is no continuity detected, it is then best to replace the starter switch with a new one. Сall us today at ️(800) 657-0765

Malfunctioning of the thermal fuse

A malfunctioning or damaged fuse will render the dryer to not run at all. The thermal fuse is located at the back portion of the dryer. It is housed in a white container is approximately one inch in length. Locate the fuse and check if the wirings connected to it are broken, kinked, or burnt. Any of these problems should prompt you to replace the thermal fuse and the wirings right away.

Slow drying or inefficient dryer mechanism

When your clothes come out damp or if it takes you a longer time to dry them, your dryer’s gas valve coils may be damaged or broken. In order to identify if the burner assembly and the gas valve coils are working properly, disassemble and remove at the bottom part of your dryer. Check if the burner assembly is working properly by starting the dryer. When working properly, the ignitor should glow and the gas valve coil should produce a clicking sound which should be followed by the appearance by a small blue flame from the ignitor. A delay of this normal burner assembly mechanism means that the gas valve coil should be replaced altogether.

Always exercise caution when dealing with gas dryer problems as miscalculations and improper handling may lead to fires or gas explosions. If you think that you do not have the competency of replacing gas valve coils or any other part connected with the gas burner assembly unit, it is best to seek the expertise of professionals instead. Сall us today at ️(800) 657-0765

Ventilation system issues

If your clothes come out damp, another issue that your dryer may be experiencing is a broken or blocked vent. Check the lint filter of the dryer if it is filled or plugged with lint. If it is, what you need to do is simply remove them from the vent. A blocked or lint-filled vent is a serious fire hazard during system malfunctions. Make sure that the hose does not have kinks or blockages as well. You may also use a small vacuum unit and connect it to a hose to clean out the vent system.

It is also necessary to check the blower fan if the unit is working properly. A damaged fan also results in clothes not completely drying despite long drying cycles.

All repair measures mentioned below can solve basic dryer problems. Always seek the help of professionals if major damages need to be repaired immediately. Сall us today at ️(800) 657-0765

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“When our dryer died, I was convinced that I would have to drop several thousand dollars to buy a new one. My wife insisted that we at least try getting it repaired but I was hesitant. AmeriPro gave us a free estimate on the repairs with no obligation and it was a small fraction of what it would have cost to replace the whole dryer. When we agreed, they fixed the dryer on the spot and even had parts on hand. It’s been working fine ever since. I highly recommend that you get an estimate if your dryer stops working. It could save you a ton of money and AmeriPro was easy to work with. “ – Shawn R.