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Electrolux Appliance Repair Services

Electrolux Appliance Repair

When it comes to household and commercial appliances, you’ll be hard pressed to find a manufacture that’s more successful than Electrolux. The company belongs to a group that deals with over 150 different markets every single year. Just during 2013, Electrolux reportedly sold more than 109 billion different appliances all over the world. Those are some really impressive stats, which can only by collected by a company that has a reputation for consistently producing high quality, durable, user friendly appliances year after year. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

Why choose us for Electrolux Appliance Repair?

While you have every reason to expect your Electrolux appliances to give you years of problem free use, you shouldn’t expect them to be problem free forever. The day will come when the parts inside of your Electrolux appliances wear out and need to be replaced. When this happens you will have two choices. You can either replace the part yourself or you can contact a professional and have them do it for you. Since so many Electrolux appliances have gotten complicated, more often than not, having the appliance repair work done by a professional is often the most reasonable and cost effective option.

Electrolux Stoves

Electrolux stoves are an excellent choice when you’re in the market for a new stove and don’t want to spend a great deal of money. In most cases, you can find something that perfectly suits your needs for between $1000 and $5000. The number of bells and whistles the stove has is what generally determines the purchase price. You can find both gas and electric versions of Electrolux stoves.

The great thing about Electrolux stoves is that they experience very few mechanical problems. The most common include;Electrolux Appliance Service

  • Knobs that have somehow managed to break
  • Hardware updates
  • Wiring that has gone bad
  • Mechanical components that have worn out and need to be replaced

Electrolux Microwave Repair

These days, it’s hard to get through a single day without a working microwave, and many local homeowners prefer Electrolux microwaves. These come in a variety of styles and have a wonderful selection of handy features. The microwave should provide you with several years worth of daily use before you need to start thinking about repairs. Common problems experienced by older Electrolux microwaves include:

  • Displays that now longer produce accurate information
  • Units that shoot sparks or that have started to smoke whenever used
  • Turntables that have stopped turning
  • Flawed temperature settings
  • Interior lights that need to be replaced
  • Timers that have stopped working properly
  • Cold spots
  • Broken door latches

Electrolux Refrigerator Repair

The great thing about the fact that Electrolux has designed so many different refrigerators is that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that not only provides you with the special features you’ll enjoy, but that also looks great in your kitchen.

As your refrigerator gets older, you should be prepared to experience a few problems with the unit, including;

  • Icemakers that have gotten clogged, either by debris or bits of ice
  • Shorts in the electrical systems
  • Compressor coils that have broke
  • The inlet tube has become clogged
  • Door seals have lost some of their magnetic power and need to be replaced
  • The power cord is showing signs of wear and needs to be replaces
  • The electric inlet valve or saddle valve need to be replaced

The best thing you can do if you’ve started to have problems with any of your Electrolux appliances is to contact us. We’ll resolve the issues quickly!

Electrolux Refrigerators

  • Single Door
  • French Door
  • Side by Side
  • Refrigeration Drawer

Electrolux Dishwashers

  • 30 min fast wash cycle
  • Luxury Soft Grip Racks

Electrolux Microwaves

  • Built-in
  • Over-the-Range

Electrolux Range Hood Ventilations

  • Stainless Canopy Island-Mount
  • Chimney Wall-Mount
  • Glass and Stainless Wall-Mount

Electrolux Gas Ranges

  • Double Ovens
  • Featured Gas Range

Electrolux Washers

  • Top Control Dishwashers
  • Front Control Dishwashers
  • Featured Dishwasher

Electrolux Wall Ovens

  • Featured Wall Oven

Electrolux Microwaves

  • Over the Range
  • Countertop Microwaves
  • Featured Microwave

What Homeowners and Businesses Can Expect

1. Schedule a service call.

2. The service technician will call 30 minutes prior to arrive the day of the appointment.

3. He will then write up an estimate and with most parts on the vehicle he can begin fixing your Electrolux appliances.


  • 30 days labor
  • 90 days parts

Your Local Crew Schedule a Tech

Did you know our local Electrolux appliance repair experts have…

10 years of experience

22,000 repairs in 2019