Replacing the heater on the washer

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Replacing the heater on the washer

The AmeriPro Service Center provides the service of Heater element replacement in washers with horizontal and vertical loading in California read more here… In 24 hours after the call of the technician our expert will come to your house with all necessary spare parts and tools and will replace the heating element of the washing machine quickly and with a guarantee! The workshop provides a 3-month warranty on the new heater and the work performed for its replacement.

How to call a technician.

Easy and simple. You can call a technician by phone from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. without holidays and weekends at ️(800) 657-0765  or using the online form on the site (24/7).

If you contact AmeriPro, please let us know:

Brand of the defective washing machine.

Comfortable for you day and time of arrival of a technician.

Your surname, name, address where you need to make repairs, and phone number.

On the day you set, the technician will call you back again to confirm your arrival time.

Our advantages

  • Free consultation on repairs. Especially for your questions on the site is a question and answer section. Answer professional masters. Describe your problem in detail, and a specialist will answer within 48 hours. You can also leave a request for repair: the master will contact you by phone and consult on possible breakdowns of your washing machine and the cost of repairing them.
  • Free check-out and diagnostics. In case you agree to make repair by AmeriPro – departure of a technician and diagnostics of your washing machine are free of charge.
    Repair at home within 24 hours after calling the master. All work is carried out at the customer’s home, and there is no need to take the equipment to the workshop.
  • The schedule of work from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. hours daily. Masters carry out exit on the house to clients from early morning till late evening, without days off and holidays. You can easily choose a convenient time for repair.

Warranty 3 months. On work on the replacement of parts washing machine warranty for 3 months (for work and spare parts, if they were purchased from our master).

Procedure for the replacement of the heating element

Order is as follows:

  • Disassembly of the washing machine. The heater is located under the washing machine tank and will require disassembly to get to it. In the simplest case, if the heating element is removed from the back, the technician will simply have to unscrew the back wall of the washing machine, which is mounted on several screws. This location of the heater is typical for most washing machines manufacturers Indesit, Hotpoint-Ariston, Zanussi, LG, Candy, Ardo, Electrolux, etc. It will take longer to disassemble if the heater is removed from the front. The technician will need to remove the top cover of the washer and disassemble the front panel. The front location of the heater is most commonly found in Bosch and Samsung washing machines.
  • Disconnecting the supply wires and the heater rings. Before replacing the heater, the technician must check the heater with a multimeter for open circuit, short circuit or puncture. There have been cases where the heater of a washing machine has appeared to be faulty for all indirect signs, but the cause is not in it.
  • Disassembly of the faulty heater. To do this, the technician unwinds the central nut that secures the heater without removing it from the heater stud, and by light tapping, he drops the stud with the nut inside to press the heater’s rubber gasket. The technician then gently pulls the heating element out of the tank by hand or with a flat-blade screwdriver.
  • Installing the new heater. This is done in reverse order. The technician inserts the heater into the tank as far as it will go, checks that the heater sits tightly in its place, does not dangles and then tightens the central nut. After that, the wires are connected to the heater.
  • Checking the work. The technician starts the program with water heating and checks that after replacing the heater there are no leaks, and the element itself works properly.
    Assembly of the washing machine.

Signs that the heater in the washing machine burned down.

Any malfunction in the washing machine is characterized by a number of symptoms. An experienced wizard can determine from such indirect signs, without making an accurate diagnosis, which node most likely failed. Tens of thousands of heaters replaced by AmeriPro technicians have allowed us to compile an accurate list of signs that can indirectly indicate a heater failure. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765

  • The washing machine doesn’t heat the water. This is exactly how it will manifest itself during washing if the heater is defective or in professional language – “on a cliff”. Washing programs in cold water without heating can be carried out as usual. Modern washing machine models usually show a heating error when the heater breaks down “reaching” the moment the heater is switched on. Old machines can wash endlessly while waiting for the water to warm up.
  • The washing machine knocks out the fuses immediately after switching on or while the water is heating up. This is how a heater element is short-circuited to the housing (breakage) or leakage of current to the housing during heating due to poor insulation of the heater.
  • The washing machine knocks out the RCD immediately after switching on or while the water is being heated. This is how a heater element is short-circuited to the housing (breakage) or leakage of current to the housing during heating due to poor insulation of the heater.

Please note! That these symptoms only indirectly indicate a faulty heater. For an accurate diagnosis, the heater must be checked (rumbled) with a multimeter. Other possible malfunctions accompanied by the above mentioned symptoms, read more here …

Reasons for washing machine heater breakage

Limescale heater

The impurities contained in the water are eventually deposited as scale on the heating element. In addition, threads, fabric particles and fine garbage from things can also settle on the heater. All this reduces its thermal conductivity and makes it work in a more intensive mode. As a result, the heater is constantly overheating and over time it becomes unusable and requires replacement.

Tip! In order to prolong the life of the heating element of your washing machine, we recommend preventive cleaning every 3-6 months. To do this, pour a bag of citric acid into the drum and run the washing machine on the program with the maximum heating temperature. This procedure will help to clean not only the heater of the washing machine, but also other internal parts.

In order to replace a heater in a washing machine, you need the appropriate electrical knowledge and experience. If with the word “multimeter” you are trying to remember all the length measures known to you, then you should not risk an independent replacement! It is better to address to professionals, technicians AmeriPro call customer service today at ️(800) 657-0765