Replacing the drain pump in the washing machine

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Replacing the drain pump in the washing machine

The AmeriPro service center provides services for the replacement of the drain pump in California vertical and horizontal washers. Within 24 hours after the call, our technician will come to your home with all the necessary spare parts and tools and replace the defective part of the washing machine. The workshop provides a 3-month warranty for the new pump and its replacement work.  Сall customer service today at ️(800) 657-0765

What does the pump in the washing machine look like?


To replace the pump in the washing machine it is necessary:

  • disassemble the washing machine;
  • diagnose the pump;
  • disassemble the defective pump;
  • install a new spare part on the machine.

In case of pump failure – it is necessary to replace the spare part with a new one.

How to call technician

You can call a AmeriPro specialist from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, including weekends and holidays, by phone at ️(800) 657-0765 or by using the online form on the website (24 hours a day).

  • If you contact the AmeriPro workshop, please let us know:
    The brand of washing machine on which it is necessary to change the pump. For example, Bosch or Samsung.
  • Convenient for you day and time of arrival of the expert.
  • Your name, address where you need to repair, and phone number.

On the day set by you, the technician will call you back again to confirm your arrival time.

Our advantages

  • Free consultation on repairs. Technicians AmeriPro ready to give professional advice online in the section FAQ. It is enough to describe your problem in detail, and a specialist will answer within 48 hours. You can also leave a request for repair: the technician will contact you by phone and advise you on possible breakdowns of your washing machine and the cost of repairing them.
  • Free check-out and diagnostics. If you agree to repair or replace the pump by AmeriPro – departure of a specialist and diagnostics of the washer are free.
  • Repair at home within 24 hours after calling the technician. Due to the territorial presence of specialists in most cities of the California region, we serve orders in the minimum time – within 24 hours after the call. All work is carried out at the customer’s home, and there is no need to take the equipment to the workshop.
  • The schedule of work is daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Technician carry out departure on a house to clients from early morning till late evening, without days off and holidays. You can easily choose a convenient time for repair.
  • Warranty 3 months. On works on replacement of a pump of the washing machine the guarantee for the term of 3 months (on work and on spare parts if the master has established the details) is given.

Major breakdowns of the drain pump

When repairing washers, AmeriPro specialists encounter the following main types of pump failures.

  • The pump motor is out of order. The electric motor can burn due to various reasons – wear and tear, water ingress or overload.
  • The impeller is damaged. The impeller has been mechanically damaged due to continuous operation or foreign objects, e.g. one or more blades have cracked or broken off.
  • The impeller stem or impeller on the shaft has been ejected. This is usually due to general wear and tear on the mechanisms due to long washer life.
  • Inside, foreign objects have entered. For example, a bra bone forgotten in a match’s pocket, a toothpick or coin can block the pump.

Why can’t the drain pump be repaired?

Faulty drain pump

For two reasons. First, most manufacturers of washing machines install disassembled drain pumps. And secondly, for models with collapsible pumps, separate repair kits are still not available. Therefore, the pump can be repaired only if all its parts are intact, and the pump just clogged: it got small objects (thread, toothpick, sock, handkerchief, etc.), which prevents normal rotation of the impeller.

⚠️Please note! If the blockage is not removed in time, it may overload the pump motor and cause the pump motor to fail or break the impeller. Therefore, if the first signs of malfunction appear, it is advisable to call a wizard as soon as possible, as in such a case, there is a chance to cost a repair that is cheaper than a replacement part.

Procedure for the replacement of the pump

  • Disassembling the washing machine. In most washing machines with horizontal loading you can access the pump through the bottom (most Indesit, Ariston, Samsung, Ardo and others) by putting the machine on its side. In some washers with horizontal loading you just need to remove the back wall (Candy, Electrolux, Zanussi, etc.). In difficult cases, changing the pump will require serious disassembly: the specialist will have to completely remove the front part (some models LG, Simens, Bosch; all models with an aquastop, which have a pump in the front of the machine). In washing machines with vertical loading, it is usually enough for the master to remove the side wall.
  • Removal of the pump. First of all, the master disconnects all the wires that go to the pump. The pump is attached to the “snail” with latches or screws. As a rule, after disassembling the machine, it is possible to comfortably climb up to them and unscrew the screws / loosen the latches, thus completing the disassembly. But sometimes it is necessary to remove the “snail” with the pump completely. Depending on the brand and model of washing machine, the snail is fixed with screws either to the front panel of the washing machine in the area of the drain filter (Bosch, Siemens, Ariston, Indesit, etc.) or to the bottom (Ardo, AEG, Candy, etc.). The screws must be unscrewed. Then the clamps that attach the snail to the drain hose and the socket must be removed, after which the snail can be removed and the pump can be disconnected.
  • Installing a new part. It happens in the reverse order. After installing the pump in place inside the washing machine, the master connects all the wires (and hoses, if the pump is removed with the “snail”).
  • Diagnosis of operation. The wizard checks that the new pump is working properly in the test program.
  • Assembly of the machine. After checking, the master assembles the machine in reverse order.

How do you know if a drain pump needs repair or replacement?

Replacement of the drain pump

It is only possible to determine for sure that the pump has failed, after the part has been diagnosed. There are, however, a number of characteristic features that may indirectly indicate a failure of the pump. Based on their experience, AmeriPro specialists have compiled a list of such symptoms:

  • The machine does not drain water. The main symptom, most often, is encountered when the pump breaks down.
  • The machine cracks while draining water. This may indicate that a foreign object (e.g. a match or a brassiere bone) has entered the pump and the impeller touches the pump while it is running. Either the cause of the crack may be the production of the rod (shaft) on which the impeller is mounted. Because of this, the shaft is bolted during draining and the impeller touches the pump housing.
  • The machine either drains or does not drain water. This sign may also indicate that the impeller stem is producing: the motor drive does not have a good connection between the shaft and impeller, and the impeller is rotating or not.

All these symptoms may additionally be accompanied by a drain error, which will be shown on the washing machine display as a number-letter inscription or a combination of flashing indicators if the machine is without screen.

Please note! These are indirect signs that may indicate a pump failure. They may also indicate other drain problems. In order to determine the exact cause of the malfunction, a professional diagnosis is necessary, including the use of a multi-meter (for ringing up the pump).

Reasons for pump failure

There are several main reasons for the failure of the washing machine pump.

  • Water hitting the pump motor. This is due to leaks in the washing machine, e.g. drain hose, spigots, detergent bunker, etc. In this case the motor will burn out and the pump must be replaced.
  • Ingress of foreign objects. Small objects enter the pump and block the impeller. If the blockage is not removed in time, the impeller may break or the pump motor may be overloaded and destroyed. Then the pump will need to be replaced.
  • Physical wear and tear due to prolonged use. The average service life of a drain pump is between 4 and 6 years. The mechanical output of the impeller shaft then becomes so critical that the electromagnetic drive of the pump motor no longer attaches itself to the pump.

In order to change the pump in the washing machine, special knowledge, appropriate experience and time are needed. If you do not have all these components, we advise you to contact a professional AmeriPro at ️(800) 657-0765