What to do if the washing machine doesn’t spin the drum…

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What to do if the washing machine doesn’t spin the drum…

You loaded the laundry into the washing machine, the machine is habitual, but after a while you find that it does not work. Laundry is not complete, the drum is not spinning. You look at a bunch of wet stuff with horror and you think frantically: what to do?

spin cycle fault

Calm down first. Then – disconnect the power to the washing machine and drain the water with the drain filter (it is in a small hatch at the bottom of the front panel), take out the laundry and try to understand at what point the drum stopped spinning:

  • In spin mode. If the underwear isn’t soapy, but it’s raw, the problem is with the spin. Read about it in the separate article “What to do if the washing machine stopped spinning the laundry”.
  • The drum was jammed in the wash. If the laundry is soapy, it means the drum didn’t rotate during the laundry. Check to see if it’s spinning with an “external force”, i.e. a hand. Can’t you move the hand drum? That means it’s jammed. What to do in this case, read our article “The washing machine has a jammed drum”.
  • The drum rotates with the hand, but does not rotate when washing. If the washing machine drum rotates freely but does not spin when washing – stay on the current page, we will deal with possible reasons for this behavior of your washing.

Laundry overload

First of all, try to “half” the laundry and run the laundry with fewer things. Maybe there’s no breakage, and you just overloaded the machine. Today’s machines have built-in weight sensors and will not work if they are “overloaded”. In this case, the most “advanced” models produce an error on the display. If there is no screen, the machine simply remains stationary.

If the washing machine worked with less laundry: nothing broke. Most importantly, do not try to wash “all you can” in one go. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer, and your assistant will serve faithfully for many years.

In case the load reduction did not help, it means that something fauld.

Why isn’t the drum of the washing machine spinning?

There may be several reasons why washing does not start because the drum is stationary. Let’s consider the main ones in order of frequency of their occurrence.

Malfunction Breakage How to fix?
The motor is humming, the program is running, but the machine is not turning the drum. Belt. Slips or comes off at all. It’s the one that transmits the torque from the electric motor to the drum of the washing machine. The wear and tear comes from both active use and long periods of inactivity. The drive belt must be replaced.
The washing machine does not pick up speed on the spin or spin the drum at all. It’s possible the washing machine motor is sparkling. Fault on the motor brushes. As a result, it does not create enough electromagnetic field to rotate the motor rotor. The brushes need to be replaced.
After switching on, the washing machine locks the door, picks up water, but the drum does not rotate. Possible fuses may turn off the power. Control board (electronic controller). Burned tracks or broken elements on the board in the motor control circuit: triac, relay, resistance, etc. A frequent cause of board failure is voltage surges in the power grid. The technician diagnoses the board and detects the fault. Based on the results of the diagnosis, board is changed to a new one.
The motor. There may have been an inter-switch fault in the engine or an interruption in the windings. The engine needs to be replaced.
The washer does not squeeze or spin the drum at all. The Tacho Sensor (tachogenerator, Hall sensor). Controls the drum speed. If the control module does not receive a signal from the Tacho Sensor, the drum does not rotate. The Tacho Sensor needs to be replaced.
At the first time the washing machine rattles on the spin and did not spin, then the drum stopped spinning at all. Bearings. Gland wear caused water to enter the bearing, resulting in corrosion and failure. The bearings needs to be replaced.
No drum rotation, the engine’s not humming at all. Signal break in the wiring or contacts (in the motor circuit). The wiring is wiped over by vibrations, and the contacts burn or rot by corrosion. In private homes, rodents (mice or rats) often damage wiring. The technician restores wiring by twisting or completely replacing the harness with wires.

As you can see, the reasons why the washing machine drum does not rotate can be quite varied. But in any case, you need to dismantle the machine and carefully diagnose it. Trust this job, of course, it’s better for a specialist to repair washing machines. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765

The technician will determine the exact cause of the fault and eliminate it in the shortest possible time.

Do not deny yourself the usual comfort of automated washing – contact AmeriPro and your washing machine in a matter of hours will again become a faithful au pair!