What if the washing machine doesn’t turn on?

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What if the washing machine doesn’t turn on?

Unfortunately, sometimes home appliances give us unpleasant surprises: yesterday they were working properly, and today they do not react to our manipulations at all! And if you suddenly find that your washing machine does not start – do not rush to “write off” your loyal assistant. As a rule, breakdowns, because of which the machine stops to start, quickly resolved by a qualified specialist in repair of household appliances. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765


Before you go to the workshop, carry out a little self-diagnosis to make sure that the cause of the malfunction is in the washing machine itself.

  • First of all, is it necessary to check whether the machine is connected to the power supply? If there is nothing wrong with this, but your machine still does not respond to the “switch on” button, you should check if the socket has current. Often, due to voltage fluctuations, the sockets can be de-energised, and not all of them in the apartment, but only some. To make sure that the voltage is normal, plug any other appliance into this socket.
  • Make sure the plug and cord are all right? If you’ve found out that the mains is fine and the washing machine still won’t turn on, then that’s where the breakage happened. First of all, take a close look at the washing machine plug and cord – are there no obvious signs of burning, do you smell a specific smell of melted plastic? If you find such damage – never try to turn the machine on again! This cord is already defective (and, moreover, not safe) – it must be replaced.

If the cable and plug are okay, then most likely, the fault occurred in the “inside” of the washing machine, and here without the help of a professional can not do without. More information about it in this article tips here…

The most likely reasons why the washing machine does not turn on

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why the washing machine refuses to work. Some of them are eliminated quickly, while others require longer and more expensive repairs. To know “enemy in person,” look at the table below – you may be able to identify the signs of trouble and understand the trouble with the washing machine.

Malfunctions Possible problem
Hatch door does not lock, washing machine does not start washing The door Interlock has failed. Modern washing machines are equipped with a Interlock for safety reasons. The device reliably locks the door for the duration of washing, thanks to which the owners of the machine are protected from “flood” and it itself – from all kinds of damage.


A replacement of the Interlock is required.

Washing machine does not turn on, indicators do not light up

The washing machine’s power button has failed.

It needs to be replaced.

The control element is out of order: if there is an electromechanical control in the machine – the washing machine programmer is out of order, in electronic – the control module.

It is necessary to repair or replace the control unit.

A fault has occurred in the noise filter. The noise filter is necessary so that the radio and electronic equipment next to the washing machine does not experience any noise generated by the machine (motor, electronic module, etc.).

It is necessary to replace the noise filter.

All indicators on the control panel light up/flashing simultaneously, washing machine does not start.

The internal wires of the washing machine are most likely damaged.

They need to be replaced.

It is very important to note that modern washing machines are a sophisticated technique with high-tech microcontrollers and sensors inside. The repair of such units requires special knowledge and special equipment. If you repair yourself, you may damage the electronic module, which will lead to more expensive repairs than originally.

Therefore, if you do not have sufficient skills, or do not feel confident in yourself – do not risk the performance of the washing machine and the family budget! “Self repair” in the good half of cases ends not in savings, but even greater costs.

So it is better to contact a qualified specialist immediately call us at ️(800) 657-0765.

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