What if the washing machine doesn’t close?

What if the washing machine doesn’t close? You did the laundry, put the laundry in the washing machine, but it didn’t go any further – the door stopped closing for some reason… You’ve probably already checked to see if the hatch has pinched a thing. And you didn’t find anything

Repair of control board


The control board is the main detail in the washing machine, which “directs the process” of washing, giving commands to the executive units. It is difficult to restore it. Repair is very complicated, so the best solution is to install a brand new control board. Also, when we install a new board, you get an improved module, which has already eliminated all the typical problems that arise in these models.

What if the washing machine doesn’t turn on?


Unfortunately, sometimes home appliances give us unpleasant surprises: yesterday they were working properly, and today they do not react to our manipulations at all! And if you suddenly find that your washing machine does not start – do not rush to “write off” your loyal assistant. As a rule, breakdowns, because of which the machine stops to start, quickly resolved by a qualified specialist in repair of household appliances.