Appliance repair trends

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Appliance repair trends

appliance repair trendsWith today’s economy, its getting more and more difficult to replace an appliance that breaks down or wears out due to old age especially for commercial appliance. This is where Ameripro comes in. Their qualified techicians go into the field equppied to stay in touch with local trends.

The equipment also helps technicians to track down the hard to locate service parts for older model appliances. “This is what keeps us ahead of the competition,” says owner and operator of Ameripro. “With this technology, we can service, repair or replace any appliance within our area. This allows us to build trust and confidence with the client, thus creating repeat business.”

The repair service is unique in the fact that the technicians are lot more knowledgeable about their service, what they can fix and what they can’t fix. Being connected with an up to date database of parts can let the technician know whether or not part are available for a repair. This helps cut down the confusion or miscommunications that can so frequently happen with the client.

With the addition of technology to the arsenal of services, Ameripro an 85% First Call Completion Rate, putting them head and shoulders above their competitors. The technology even allows them to give service tips and pointers on how to maintain the repairs to prolong the life of the appliance.