Fixing 3 Common Dishwasher Problems

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Fixing 3 Common Dishwasher Problems

3 Dishwasher Problems

A blocked drainage hose on your dishwasher can create a serious problem and result in an overflow in the kitchen sink.  Before you call the dishwasher repairman out to work on your dishwasher though you should see if you can solve the problem on your own.  In most cases this problem does not even require replacement parts; usually, the only thing that you need to do is clean the dishwasher.  Making sure that you use the right kind of cleaner is the key. More information about it in this article here…

Problem #1 – Dishwasher Is Draining Into the Sink

The first thing that most people think to buy is one of the high-powered, ‘plumber’s friend’ cleaning products and pour a gallon of it into the dishwasher.  This creates a problem though, because the chemicals go through the system too quickly, which can in turn corrode or damage the hose.  Manually clearing the blockage is the best option to prevent damage to dishwasher.  This particular repair job can get a little messy, but snaking the drain yourself is better than having a repair person come out, tell you to do the exact same thing, and then hand you a bill. More information about it in this article here…

Problem #2 – Leaky Dishwasher

What causes a leaky dishwasher?  The first cause is often the way that the dishwasher is loaded.  Fixing this problem does not require any replacement part or a visit to the Maytag home page.  When you overload your dishwasher you block the spray of water, which leads to other problems.  Try putting fewer dishes in the dishwasher and see if this solves the problem.  A bad door seal is another common cause of a leaky dishwasher.  If the rubber seal around the door is loose, cracked, or feels irregular, it needs to be replaced with a new seal.  Your local appliance repair store will have the seal that you need for your dishwasher.  You can also go to the web to find the replacement part that you need. More information about it in this article here…

Problem #3 – Dishwasher Will Not Drain

If your dishwasher will not drain properly the first thing that you need to check is if the drainpipe or sink trap are clogged.  Again there is no need to buy replacement parts for your dishwasher in order to solve this kind or problem.  Clearing the blockage and snaking out the drain if necessary should be sufficient to get the dishwasher to drain properly again.  If after snaking the drain you are still having drainage issues you should check to see if the drain hose has any kinks or bends that might be causing the problem.  Any worn out hoses need to be replaced.  You do not have to go brand specific when replacing a worn out hose, you can simply replace it with one that fits.  Whether it is a Frigidaire hose or a General Electric hose it does not really matter.  Simply pull your dishwasher out, remove the hose, and clear the blockage. More information about it in this article here…

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