Common Questions about Dryer Care

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Common Questions about Dryer Care

Dryer Care

Most families use their dryer every day. With today’s busy lifestyles, there is no time to hang clothes out on a line and wait on them to dry in the sun. Instead, we depend on our dryers. Here are some common questions we get about dryer care. Read our blog here…

How Long Should It Take to Dry a Load a Laundry?

  • Most of the time, a dryer can finish a large load in 45 minutes. When you notice it takes a lot longer, there might be a clogged vent tubing system. A dryer repair technician can help you find the problem and repair your dryer quickly.

How Frequently Should the Lint Filter Be Cleaned?

  • Make sure you empty the filter after every load. This will make your dry time shorter and will prevent damage to your dryer. Read another tips here…

What is the Best Kind of Vent for My Dryer?

  • National building codes mandate metal ductwork for all dryers. Aluminum tubing is the best choice and you can choose either rigid tubes or more flexible tubes. The stiffer tubing is much better because it doesn’t clog as easily. Read another topic here…

Is It Safe to Keep White Vinyl Tubing?

  • No. You should opt for aluminum tubing. Vinyl tubing causes a fire hazard and is not safe. If the tubing would ignite from the dryer malfunctioning, it would quickly burn and cause a house fire. White vinyl tubing is very flammable. More information about it in this article here…

My Dryer is Squeaking! Should I Oil the Motor?

  • Don’t oil your dryer’s motor or rollers. When you notice a squeak or other unusual noises, you probably need to clean or replace a pulley, a roller, or possibly even the shaft the roller rotates on. More information about it in this article here…

Which Is Cheaper to Run: Gas Dryers or Electric Dryers?

  • It’s cheaper to run a gas dryer. It costs about half of what an electric dryer costs to run.

Are Dryer Softener Sheets Bad for My Dryer?

  • Not exactly. It won’t harm your dryer to use the dryer softener sheets, but there are a few things you need to be careful about. First, the residue from dryer sheets can build up over time on the lint filter. Clean it with a drop of detergent and a soft bristle brush. The residue could also clog the electric moisture sensor. Wipe it gently with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. Finally, make sure you remove the dryer sheets after each cycle. They can occasionally get stuck in the inside vents.

Does the Dryer Have to Be Level?

  • Yes. Dryers that are not level end up with many more problems. The components wear out quickly and they don’t perform at their best. This

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