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Microwave Service & Repair

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Microwaves & Convection oven are the ultimate modern convenience. They make food preparation easier than ever, with “heat and eat” meals at our fingertips within just a few minutes. In most Los Angeles homes, the microwave is used throughout the day. So what happens when the microwave breaks? It can cause a major inconvenience in our regular routine, but there is a solution. AmeriPro offers the best microwave repair in Los Angeles for your convenience.

Common Microwave Problems

We get calls about microwave repair each month. Some of the microwaves are old and outdated and just not worth the cost to repair. Others are in good shape and just need a new part or a minor mechanical tweak. Here are some of the most common problems we encounter with microwaves in Los Angeles:

  • Microwave won’t turn on
  • The microwave sparks when I turn it on
  • There are sparks inside the microwave
  • Buttons are not working
  • Digital display is broken
  • Turntable isn’t moving
  • Microwave isn’t heating up
  • Microwave makes a loud buzzing noise
  • Door is broken

Tips for Regular Microwave Maintenance

If you want to avoid paying for Los Angeles microwave repair or replacement, there are several easy steps you can take to maintain your microwave. Here are a few of our favorite tips to keep a microwave in good working order. More information about it in this article in our blog here…

Clean Your Microwave After Each Use

Many people overlook the microwave when they are cleaning up the kitchens, but this could put the microwave in danger. When you use the microwave over and over, tiny bits of food will splatter around the inside. You might have spills on the bottom or splatters on the top or on the walls. Make sure you wipe the microwave out after each use and it will keep clean up a lot easier. This will allow you to remove food residue before it has a chance to dry on the microwave’s surface. If you have neglected the job for a little too long, you can make clean up easy by heating a cup of water for 3-4 minutes or until it boils. Then remove the water and the condensation inside the microwave will make cleaning away stains and spills effortless. More information about it in this article in our blog here…

Make sure you also clean the exterior part of your microwave. Sometimes food or grime can build up around the vents, which can cause problems for the microwave’s air flow. You can also use a gentle cleanser like a solution of water and vinegar to scrub the microwave’s exterior. Make sure the microwave is unplugged before you clean it and avoid getting the electrical cord wet.

Cover Food With a Paper Towel

Another easy way to take care of your microwave is to loosely lay a paper towel or thin cloth over food when it is in the microwave. This prevents food splatters that can eventually char and burn, causing surface damage to your microwave’s interior. More information about it in this article in our blog here…

Unplug Your Microwave When You Aren’t Using It

Most of us tend to leave the microwave plugged in all the time, but if you want to extend the life of your machine, try unplugging it when it isn’t in use. This will also save a lot of power as the digital display is constantly running on power. More information about it in this article in our blog here…

Heat Your Food in Microwave-Safe Containers

Double check any plate, bowl, cup, or container before you use it in the microwave. Only use containers that are clearly marked as microwave safe. Some plastic dishes could melt in the microwave and cause damage to the interior. It could also be a major fire hazard. You should also avoid putting any kind of metal inside the microwave. Any kind of foil, utensils, or metal items will cause an immediate little explosion of sparks in your microwave that can cause it to stop working forever and potentially start a fire in your home. More information about it in this article in our blog here…

Microwave Smaller Portions

Avoid filling the microwave with big, heavy containers of food. The microwave needs room for air to circulate and without that, it puts the microwave components under stress. You should especially avoid heavy containers if you have a glass turntable in the microwave. With the stress on the motor, the glass could break. More information about it in this article in our blog here…

Never Turn On An Empty Microwave

Turning on your microwave when it is empty is the fastest way to break it. Never, ever turn on the microwave unless you have some kind of food or liquid inside. More information about it in this article in our blog here…

Should You Repair or Replace your Microwave?

When you need microwave repair in Los Angeles, you have to consider whether it is worth the cost. While some microwaves can be replaced for around $50-100, others are much more expensive. Built in microwaves tend to cost more, but they hold up a lot longer. Before you decide to replace your broken microwave with a new one, call us at ️(800)657-0765 and ask for a microwave repair estimate. Our friendly repair staff will gladly assess your microwave to determine if it can be repaired and how much it will cost. If you can repair your current model at a cheaper price than buying a brand new one, that is definitely the way to go.

Get the Best Microwave Repair in Los Angeles

AmeriPro offers the best microwave repair in Los Angeles. Whether you are hoping to repair your grandma’s old avocado green microwave or your new built in microwave just stopped working, we will gladly assess your microwave and determine how much repair would cost and whether it is a wise investment. More information about it in this article in our blog here…

We repair all major appliance brands including:

🔴 Amana 🔴 Frigidaire 🔴 Marvel
🔴 Asko 🔴 GE 🔴 Maytag
🔴 Bosch 🔴 Hotpoint 🔴 Miele
🔴 Dacor 🔴 Jenn-Air 🔴 Samsung
🔴 DCS 🔴 Kenmore 🔴 Scotsman
🔴 Electrolux 🔴 Kitchen Aid 🔴 Sears
🔴 Fisher&Paykel 🔴 LG Repair 🔴 Siemens
🔴 Sub-Zero 🔴 U-line 🔴 Whirlpool
🔴 Thermador 🔴 Viking 🔴 Wolf Repair
🔴 Traulsen

Call AmeriPro Today for Microwave Repair in Los Angeles

Make an appointment today to repair your microwave in Los Angeles. Our friendly customer service department is standing by to answer any questions and assist you however they can. Call us at ️(800)657-0765