FAQ About Washer Care

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FAQ About Washer Care

FAQ About Washer Care

Does a washer need any routine maintenance?

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about washer care

Do I have to keep my washer level?

How much detergent does it take to properly wash a load of clothes?

  • It will vary depending on a few factors. First, it depends on your water. If you have soft water, you won’t need as much detergent. It can also depend on how soiled your laundry is. Heavily soiled items need more detergent to get them clean. The best way to know if you are using the proper amount is to read manufacturer directions that come with your detergent. Read another topic here…

Which brand of detergent do you recommend?

  • You can use any detergent brand that you like. If you have a washer that is front-loading, look for low suds brands. Otherwise, read consumer reports or reviews online to find detergents that are highly recommended. Read another topic here…

What happens to all the lint that collects in my washer?

  • Most of the time, lint just washes down the drain during the rinse cycle. It won’t hurt your septic or sewer system, so don’t worry. Some washers have a lint filter that should be cleaned after each cycle. Refer to your manufacturer instructions to find out for sure. Read another topic here…

Is it more energy efficient to use a front-loading washer?

  • Definitely. Front-loading machines are easier on your clothes and they use less energy, water, and detergent. They are a good investment to save money over a period of several years. Read tips about Save Energy…

It seems like the “warm” cycle isn’t getting warm. Why?

  • A couple of things could be going on. If you live in a cold climate, the hot water won’t be as hot when it enters the washer. When you mix lukewarm water with very cold water, the result is usually cool. You could also have a minor problem with residue built up on your screen or a restricted water inlet valve.

If I choose the “Delicate” cycle, is it really delicate?

  • If you have a two-speed motor in your washer, it is much more gentle during a delicate cycle. Washers with only one speed will not be quite as gentle.

Sometimes my items tear during the wash cycle? Why?

  • Top-loading washers  sometimes have this problem. You could be overloading the washer or it could just be an unfortunate accident. During a wash cycle, the agitator spins back and forth. Sometimes it can catch clothing the wrong way and result in a tear. Try putting delicate items in a mesh laundry bag to protect them in the washer.

Why are my clothes covered in little fuzzy balls?

  • If you are washing synthetic fabrics, the tiny fibers can come loose and clump up in balls. These cling to your clothes through the wash cycle. Remove them with a lint roller or avoid them by washing smaller loads. More information about it in this article here…

How much stuff can I put in one load?

  • Fill a top-loading washer until clothes are reach the top of the agitator. Fill a front-loading washer by just adding clothes until the compartment is full. Never pack clothes in tightly. Lay them in loosely.

Do I need to stop my washer when a load of clothes is out of balance?

  • Yes. Stop the cycle and put clothes back in balance before turning it back on. This will protect our washing machine’s components. Shaking can cause damage to your washing machine. Read another topic here…

If I accidentally drop a nail in the washer, will it break?

  • Yes! Always empty your pockets because any kind of tiny metal object could break the machine.

What makes residual soap suds cling to clothes after a cycle is complete?

  • Residual suds are annoying, but they are also preventable. Most of the time using too much detergent causes them. Make sure you follow manufacturer’s instructions when selecting how much detergent to use.

Does it make any difference to wash clothes inside out?

  • When you turn clothes inside out, it protects the outside from getting picked or damaged while the washer is agitating. This is a good way to protect delicates or keep embroidery in tact.

We hope the information above answered some of your questions about caring for your washing machine. If you need washer repair in the Los Angeles area, call at ️(800) 657-0765 to schedule an appointment.