Top 3 Thermador Repair Questions

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Top 3 Thermador Repair Questions

Thermador Applaince Repair Info

Thermador appliances have a reputation for great quality and superior design. If you have Thermador appliances in your home or business, you will undoubtedly enjoy a better experience than those who choose other brands. However, that doesn’t mean you are immune to appliance problems.

Due to regular wear and tear, Thermador appliances can occasionally break down or require repair. In our experience, there are three common questions our customers have when they need Thermador repair or maintenance. If you are looking for help troubleshooting your Thermador appliance, browse these common questions for assistance.

1. Why is my Thermador oven smoking the first time I turn it on?

Don’t panic if you see some smoke when you turn on your Thermador oven for the first time. Many assume this is a sign that they need Thermador oven repair, but it’s actually completely normal. Brand new ovens will have a fine coating of factory oils inside that will burn off when you first turn the oven on. You can avoid the smoke by wiping out the oven with a soapy rag or running a self-cleaning cycle before you use it for the first time.

2. Why are my dishes still dirty after running them through the Thermador dishwasher?

If you want your dishes to be completely clean after every wash cycle in your Thermador dishwasher, there are a few things you should check. First, are you using a good rinse agent? This can ensure dishes are thoroughly clean and rinsed of any old food debris. Before you start the dishwasher, ensure that the arms inside can spin freely and nothing will interrupt their cycle. Make sure you place all dishes facing towards the center during each load. You can also avoid by cleaning out the filters each week.

3. Why is the produce freezing in my Thermador refrigerator?

If you open your Thermador refrigerator and discover that your apples are frozen and your orange juice is full of ice crystals, it’s time to adjust your temperature settings. Your refrigerator and freezer should each be set to different temperatures and you can adjust these as needed. Refer to your manufacturer’s handbook to find out how to change the temperatures on your particular Thermador refrigerator model. As a starting point, try setting your refrigerator to 38 degrees F and your freezer to 0 degrees F. Then you can gradually change this as needed until you get your temperatures set as desired. If this doesn’t work, you may need to call us.

If you have questions about your Thermador appliances, start by following a troubleshooting guide online. With proper maintenance, your appliances should last for years with no problems. If you do have an issue that isn’t easily resolved, contact us company and schedule an appointment for a professional repair technician to come out and look at your Thermador appliances.

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