Clean Your Stainless Steel Frigidaire Appliances

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Clean Your Stainless Steel Frigidaire Appliances

Frigidaire Appliance Cleaning Stainless Steel

These appliances look nice but they can be a pain to keep clean and smudge-free.  There are many products on the shelves of your local discount store that can help with this, but here are a few tips straight from our Frigidaire repair professionals.

  1. First, most surfaces can safely be cleaned with warm soapy water applied with a soft cloth.  You should always follow this up with a dry cloth.  If you do not dry the appliance surface, you will later have to deal with streaks and drip marks.  It is best to go ahead and dry the appliance at the time of cleaning to avoid this.  Never use an abrasive sort of cleaner on your stainless steel appliances as these will scratch the surfaces and cause a much bigger problem that a few fingerprints and smudges.  Follow your gentle soap and water cleansing with furniture polish.  There are a number of polishes on the market now that are suitable for stainless steel appliances and come in a wipe so they are very convenient.
  2. Second, while it is impossible to completely prevent fingerprints and smudges from ever occurring, you can use window cleaner on your stainless steel surfaces to thoroughly remove any oils from the fingertips which cause the marks to be so unattractive.  Always apply the window cleaner with a soft towel rather than a paper towel or crumpled newspaper, like one would use for a window.  These types of products leave behind lint and fibers which will create another sort of cleaning issue.
  3. Third, it has been found that lemon juice, white distilled vinegar or soda water produce great results in removing those stubborn smudges that have survived other cleaning products.  These products also increase the shine of your stainless steel Frigidaire appliances.

Another way to make your Frigidaire appliances sparkle and prevent smudges is to rub them with a very thin layer of olive oil, mineral oil, baby oil or car wax.  Some owners swear by orange oil as well.  While it may seem a little unusual to put any of these things on a kitchen appliance, these products provide a layer of protection for the surface of your appliances that will stay behind after you clean them.  This layer will prevent food spills and fingerprints from reaching the surface of the appliance, making them much easier to wipe off.  They also repel water.  Don’t overcoat the surface, though!

And remember, if you are using these products on a stainless steel Frigidaire stove, check the container to see if the product you are using is flammable.  If so, make sure the stove is turned OFF before you even begin.

Repeating these cleaning processes on a regular basis will keep your Frigidaire stainless steel appliances fingerprint-free and looking sparkling clean new for a very long time. If you ever need Frigidaire repair services, call (800) 657-0765.