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What You Need To Know Before You Repair An Appliance

Appliance RepairAppliance repair projects can turn out great if you remember to follow three simple rules.  Trying to save time or money by ignoring these three simple rules will only backfire.  Not only could you end severely damaging the appliance, you can also harm yourself or others if the appliance is not repaired properly.

Disconnect power supplies and gas lines.  If the appliance that you are trying to repair requires electricity or gas be sure to disconnect it from those sources before you start your repairs.  The power should remain off while you try and diagnose the problem, and if you need to test the appliance to see how the repair is going you should simply plug it up and watch how it operates without touching it.  Any additional adjustments that need to be made should be completed with the power off.

Take-apart fasteners, like screws, bolts, and plugs, indicate that an appliance can be repaired without a professional.  Appliances that are held together by welds and rivets should be taken to a professional for repairs.

It is often faster and less expensive to replace a broken part in an appliance than to repair it.  If you do opt to replace a broken part it should only be replaced with new parts that are made specifically for the appliance.  In the rare case that an exact replacement cannot be found, the broken part can be replaced by a substitute that fits in the space.  When replacing the broken part it is always a good idea to refer to the owner’s manual.

If you are in need of a replacement part you can head to the nearest appliance repair dealer, appliance service center, or appliance parts store to get what you need.  While it is not always necessary to get the exact same name brand replacement part, you do need to make sure that the part you get is designed for the model number of your appliance.  You can also order the part directly from the manufacturer if you are having trouble finding it in stores.  The name and address for the location where you can order the replacement part will usually be printed on the side of the appliance.

Data about the model number and the parts number can also be found in the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.  The more specific you can be about the replacement part that you are looking for the better your chances of getting the exact part that you need.  The Internet is another great tool that can be used to help you to find the exact replacement part that you need.  Above all, be sure that your appliance is plugged into a working socket before you assume that something needs to be replaced.  Quite often when people believe an appliance has failed it is actually simply not receiving power.

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