When to Replace Your Refrigerator?

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When to Replace Your Refrigerator?

Repair or Replace Your Refrigerator

It doesn’t seem to take much for your ❄️refrigerator to stop working properly. No matter what goes wrong with the refrigerator, the malfunctioning appliance will trigger a massive headache. The main source of the headache will result from your trying to decide if you should have it repaired, or if you should start shopping for a brand new model.

The next time your ❄️refrigerator stops behaving properly, you need to relax. The situation doesn’t have to be nearly as stressful as some homeowners make it.

Give it a Chance

Sometimes you might not need to repair your refrigerator at all. Before you call the refrigerator repair shop, or start looking at the latest models to hit the market, you should pull the plug on your current fridge. Give it 5 minutes before plugging it in. There’s a chance that once everything reboots, your fridge will work fine. You should also check you circuit box, and make sure that the circuit hasn’t been tripped. If neither of these ideas triggers a solution, you should consult the troubleshooting section of your owner’s manual. There’s a chance you still might be able to get your fridge up and running on your own. More information about it in this article here…

Before You Call the Fridge Repairman

Before you call up your favorite appliance repair store, you should stop and think about the history of your refrigerator. The average life expectancy of this particular appliance happens to be 15 years. If your refrigerator happens to be near that age, it’s most likely that you should plan on getting a new model. If you’ve only owned the appliance for a few years, it’s possible that the warranty could still be in effect. If you’re refrigerator has outlived its warranty, but hasn’t reached 15, you should contact your us and get an estimate on the repair. You’ll be able to use this estimate to determine whether or not it’s going to be more affordable to get a repair or to purchase a new model. More information about it in this article here…

Other Things to Consider

Even though many of the newer models on the market have an energy efficient ranking, you won’t save lots of money. Most homeowners find that the newer refrigerators only reduce their power bill by about $1 every month.

Don’t forget to include the hassle and cost of getting a new refrigerator installed in your home, when you’re comparing the repair estimate with the cost of brand new model. You’ll also have to think about the disposal of your old, malfunctioning appliance. More information about it in this article here…

Don’t forget to check out the new features that the newer models have. Each of these features will add to the cost of the newer model, making comparing the price to repair more complicated.
If you decided to get a new refrigerator instead of repairing your current one, you’ll want to shop around and see if any of the appliance dealers in your area have created any package deals you can take advantage of.

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