Viking Stove Maintenance Tips

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Viking Stove Maintenance Tips

Viking Stove Maintenance

It may seem to some people that there might not be much to say when the topic is Viking stove maintenance tips. But this is only the case for those people who do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking or making special treats for others. The cook in the family understands how important it is to maintain a stove top so that they can create fabulous or simple dishes for those around them to enjoy. Perhaps the most exotic thing that you have cooked on your stove top is macaroni and cheese. Well even this is a dish that requires the cook to understand how to take care of a stove top. If you need help just call us at (800)657-0765.

The biggest thing you can do to make sure you are properly caring for your stove is to keep every inch of the stove top clean. And don’t think that when we say stove top, it just includes the main surface. You must also clean the burners and pans under the coils as well, if they are part of your model of stove. Other types of stove tops that require you to follow Viking stove maintenance tips include flat cook tops made of glass. Surely if you own a stove with this type of surface, you know that you need to use a special cleaner in order to clean it without damaging the glass.

Once you have the stove top cleaned well enough so that there is no food residue left to cause a hazard, you need to turn your attention to the controls on the stove. If you have ever used a stove you know that sometimes your hands can get a little messy and you don’t always have time to wipe them off before turning that burner down or off. What this means is that the knobs can get kind of dirty if not wiped clean regularly. One of the easiest Viking stove maintenance tips is cleaning the knobs as all you need is some gentle soap and water.

For those home cooks with a gas stove, you may want to make sure that your burners are lighting correctly and in a timely manner. Here is one of the Viking stove maintenance tips that is for gas stove users only. Burners on a gas stove that are slow to light could indicate that the stove has build up that is blocking air flow from the pilot light to the burners. To check if this is an issue turn off the stove and something metal and small, like a safety pin through the holes to get them clean.

Following these Viking stove maintenance tips is a great start to making sure that your stove lasts a long time in your home. This will give you peace of mind as well as save you money in the long run. Instead of spending money repairing a stove that might just need a good cleaning, you can spend the money to make a great meal for those you love. Call us (800) 657-0765