Maytag Washer Maintenance Tips

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Maytag Washer Maintenance Tips

Maytag Washer Maintenance

There are many benefits to have a washing machine in your home. The first and best reason for most people is that it is much more convenient than having to haul all of your clothing to the laundry mat to wash once or more a week. If you have decided to add a Maytag washer to your home follow these Maytag washer maintenance tips to make sure your washer lasts for many years and avoid washer repair problems.

Inspect Your Washers Hoses

Los Angeles Maytag RepairThe first thing you should do when caring for your washing machine is to inspect the hoses going to and from the washer once a month. These hoses carry the water so you want to be sure there are no cracks or other damage done to the hoses that could cause the water to leak. A small leak might not do much but drip water, but the leak could get worse. Hoses can burst and cause flooding in your laundry room. Consider using higher quality stainless steel hoses for your washer or at the very least changing the hoses every five years or so. Maytag washer maintenance tips will help to not only keep your washer lasting longer, but may prevent water damage in your home. If you need help please call us at (800)657-0765

Purchase an Overflow Pan

Another one of the Maytag washer maintenance tips that will help to prevent flood damage in case you have an issue with a hose bursting is to purchase a washing machine overflow pan to catch small leaks from the washer. But there is an option that will help in the case of a large lead that could possibly lead to flooding. A water shutoff system is a good choice for washing machine owners who want to be sure a leak doesn’t lead to flooding. This system will detect such an issue and turn the water supply off to prevent further damage.

Never Overload the Washer

Some other Maytag washer maintenance tips are important to know if you are the one using the washer on a daily basis. No matter what type of washer you have, whether it is front or top loading, you never want to overload the washer. This could make the washer off balance and cause other unexpected issues. If you do notice that the washer is off balance it may have to do with how level the floor is and the legs might need to be adjusted accordingly.

How Much Detergent Should I Use?

You should also make sure to pay attention to how much detergent you are using in the washing machine. Your detergent bottle may suggest how much to use, but it is better to follow manufacturer guidelines when deciding how much detergent to use in each load of laundry. If you are one of the many people who add fabric softener to your laundry, make sure you are keeping the softener compartment clean. Hot water and a rag is all it takes to get the residue cleaned out. And don’t forget one of the most important Maytag washer maintenance tips, keeping the inside of the washer clean. Once a month use a washing machine cleaner to keep the tub in your high efficiency washing machine clean and fresh.

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