My Viking Barbecue Won’t Turn On

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My Viking Barbecue Won’t Turn On

Viking barbecues are trusted worldwide to get the job done reliably for many years in home and professional kitchens. But what do you do when your Viking barbecue won’t turn on? Appliances are no longer the simple machines of yesterday. They are complexly engineered pieces of art, and it can be hard to diagnose problems in their operation. Viking barbecues are no different, but with this helpful guide you can understand why your Viking barbecue won’t turn on, and how you can get it going again or call us for help at ️(800)657-0765

My Viking Barbecue Won't Turn On

Before You Get Started

Before cracking into a Viking barbecue that won’t turn on, be sure to go through a few preliminary steps. Check that your propane fuel supply is active, whether in a canister or through a larger home supply. Double check the hose that connects your barbecue grill to the supply, and examine valves to be sure that they are not corroded or otherwise worn out. If everything looks okay in regard to the propane fuel system and supply, proceed with troubleshooting call us at ️(800)657-0765

First: How to Test Gas Grill Burners

If you’ve found no problems with your propane fuel supply, the next component to examine will be the grill burners. Check the burners to be sure they are clean, rust-free, and not plugged with any ash or grime. They can be cleaned with a lightly abrasive cloth or steel wool, if necessary. Next, manually check that you are getting propane to the burners. You can do this check by lighting the burners manually, using a long-handled lighter or a long matchstick, while the gas valves are open. More information about it in this article …

Next: Gas Flow Issues are Likely

If you can’t light your burners manually, then you are most likely dealing with a gas flow issue from the pressure regulator. If the burners all ignite manually, the problem is most likely related to a spark igniter failure. If only one or several of your burners light, the likely issue is with a damaged or clogged burner, the spark igniter, or the manifold. The following sections will help address some of those potential issues.

Third: Gas Grill Pressure Regulator

The gas grill pressure regulator controls the gas pressure from the propane fuel source to the Viking grill. You can attempt to reset the regulator first by following the manufacturer’s instructions in your appliance manual. After resetting the grill pressure regulator, try to manually light the burners again. If this does not work, you may need to replace the pressure regulator completely.

Fourth: Gas Grill Igniter Electrode

The igniter electrode is the component that produces a spark to ignites the gas in the burner. It is like an electric pilot light that only comes on when activated. First, check the alignment of the igniter to be sure that it is in correct position near the burners. Next, check the electrode for any buildup of grime, food particles, spills, grease, carbon or other debris. Gently clean the electrode with a dry, slightly abrasive cloth if necessary. Finally, check to see if your igniter electrode generates its own spark, or if it requires a battery to operate. If it does need a battery, replace it and check the grill operations afterward. If the igniter still will not produce a spark, or if you can see the electrode is damaged or worn out, it must be replaced. More information about it in this article …

Fifth: Clogged or Damaged Gas Grill Burner

Each burner distributes propane gas through tiny holes to create the cooking flame when ignited. If the burners are clogged or damaged, it can prevent complete ignition, or prevent ignition altogether. Remove the burner grates and flavor bars, and examine each of the burner tubes and burner holes (known as ports) for any clogs such as grease, carbon, or food spills. Check for dirt, dust, and spider webs as well. You can also clean them with a lightly abrasive cloth, steel wool, or brush. If the burners appear to be worn out, rusted, or damaged, they’ll need to be replaced completely.

Last: Damaged Gas Grill Ignition Module

This issue is perhaps the most complex to understand and diagnose for the typical homeowner. The ignition module sends an electrical signal to the igniter electrode that arcs to light the gas coming from the burners. If your igniter electrode is not sparking, first examine the ignition module battery. If it’s old, or dead, replace it and check the ignition electrode again. If the ignition module still won’t send current to the igniter electrode, you will have to replace the ignition module. More information about it in this article …

We hope this guide on Viking barbeques helped get your barbeque working again. If you still need a professional Viking repair technician, give us a call at ️(800)657-0765.