Troubleshooting Your Ice-O-Matic Ice Maker

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Troubleshooting Your Ice-O-Matic Ice Maker

Troubleshooting Your Ice-O-Matic Commercial Ice Maker

With the purchase of any major appliance, there are concerns about the product’s efficiency and quality.  While you rarely have to worry about Ice-O-Matic Commercial appliance repair, occasionally there are minor issues or appliance repairs that have to be handled.  But before you call a service professional, you may want to check these tips and do a little troubleshooting of your own.  Often, you can find the problem and save money by fixing the issues on your own. Read another topic here…

Why is my Icemaker is not Making Ice

One common question asked by users is why the icemaker is not making ice.  Perhaps it was working last night but now it seems to have quit making ice altogether.  First, check to make sure your Ice-O-Matic is connected to a power source and is turned on.   While this may seem like an obvious answer, many times something from a shelf above the ice maker has fallen and unplugged the ice maker or has hit the power switch.  Always check the basic things first.  Next, check the icemaker’s temperature.  If the machine is above 10-12 degrees, it may not work.  The Ice-O-Matic ice maker needs to stay somewhere between 0-8 degrees, Fahrenheit.  Also, if this is a new machine, the ice mold temperature may not have dropped low enough yet. Read another topic here …

Check your Water Filter

Some Ice-O-Matic ice machine owners have reported small white specks in their ice cubes.  The short answer to this question is that you need to install a water filter.  Tiny calcium deposits can cause white spots to form in your ice. As the cube freezes, you will notice that the calcium particles that were previously undetectable by the human eye are now visible in the cubes.  By using a water filter you can usually almost instantly resolve this problem.

Another common question asked by Ice-O-Matic ice maker owners is about the taste or scent of the ice it dispenses.  Occasionally, a user will find that the ice has an unusual taste or odor.   In almost every instance, it is the result of a filter that needs to be replaced.  The Ice-O-Matic filter needs to be checked and replaced every six months. More information about it in this article tips here…

Popping and Dripping Sounds

Some Ice-O-Matic owners have called to report hearing noises inside their freezers.  There are several possibilities when this happens, most of them completely harmless and normal “noises” that a properly functioning machine will make.  These include bubbling sounds from the circulation of the refrigerant or water flowing through the lines inside the freezers.  Cracking and popping sounds may be the result of water dripping on the defrost heater.  Clicking sounds are usually the result of temperature control units or defrost timer switches.  Dripping sounds are usually related to the defrost cycles. Read next tips here …

Water not Dispensing

And last, there have been questions asked by users about problems with ice and water dispensing from the machine.  Most often, there has been a kink formed in the water line.  Also, sometimes the water has been shut off accidentally.  Similar to the power issues mentioned before, always check the basics first.  Sometimes the most distressing problems are solved with the simplest fixes.  If these things are ruled out, check the feeler arm in the icemaker.  This is the mechanism that adjusts to the level of ice in the machine and tells the Ice-O-Matic when to produce and cycle more ice into the machine.  If it is locked in an up position, your Ice-O-Matic may not be producing more ice because the machine thinks it is already full.
While you will likely never have any major issues with your Ice-O-Matic commercial ice maker, it is important to perform routine maintenance to keep your ice maker in top working order.  If you should need assistance, contact AmeriPro Appliance Repair for assistance with your commercial ice maker repairCall us for help at(800) 657-0765