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Traulsen Commercial Appliances

Traulsen Commercail Applainces

The right Traulsen commercial appliance repair specialist is your best bet for protecting your Traulsen products against common appliance issues. Likewise, you can also call on our commercial appliance repair for a host of maintenance concerns.

Traulsen was founded by Harry Traulsen in 1938 and started out as a manufacturer of bakery fixtures including a modest range of refrigeration units. The company has since been known as an industry giant in refrigeration systems for the competitive food equipment market. Throughout the years, they have continuously developed and expanded their line of high quality refrigeration systems to include blast chillers, undercounters, roll-ins, reach-ins, dual temp units, prep tables, heated cabinets, and a host of special equipment to name a few.

Because Traulsen only offers the best appliances in the foodservice market. Below is a list of Traulsen commercial equipment that can be handled by competent Traulsen commercial appliance repair technicians.

  • Traulsen Refrigerators and Freezers

From Traulsen’s affordable G-Series line to their premier R & A Series line, the company offers various refrigeration units, freezers, holding cabinets, reach-ins, roll-thrus, roll-ins, and dual temperatures to meet the needs of any commercial kitchen.

These cost-effective commercial appliances make use of the TempAssure airflow technology capable of maintaining steady air temperature through keeping the flow properly regulated to hold up against unpredictable kitchen conditions. This effectively provides unparalleled temperature maintenance properties which in turn help keep perishable items fresher and safer for a longer amount of time.

  • G-Series – Built with heavy-duty exteriors, effective refrigeration systems, easy-to-use features, and advanced microprocessor controls, the Traulsen G-Series range of refrigerators and freezers provides the ultimate value for money in its category. All models come with 5-year warranty on the compressor, Energy Star certification that can save you 45% yearly in energy expenses, and the TempAssure airflow technology.
  • R & A Series – High-performance, highly-durable, and premier design options. This range of refrigerators and freezers are built to withstand the test of time. This uses the INTELA-TRAUL® microprocessor control for simple, but highly capable operation and the TempAssure system for maintaining optimum air flow.
  • Sliding and Hinged Glass Doors – A range of glass door cabinets in a wide array of designs including both sliding and hinged doors. Customers are afforded the chance to combine glass and solid doors on majority of refrigerator models to better fit their needs. Uses the INTELA-TRAUL® microprocessor control, NAFEM data protocol, and biased return air duct for safeguarding against warm air from outside the unit.
  • Traulsen Blast Chillers

These top quality blast chillers are designed to move food safely and faster from serving to storing temperature in only 90 minutes. This aids in prolonging your perishables’ freshness and ultimately lessening spoilage.

  • Quick Chiller – Uses the cyclonic airflow technology for faster food chilling, minus the complex operation and the INTELA-TRAUL system for controlling temperature. Available in countertop and caster options, as well as drawer/ door designs. Also provides alarm notifications.
  • Blast Chiller – Makes use of the SmartChill® microprocessor control system for automatic food and unit monitoring all while documenting performance for HACCP. Includes two embedded printer devices for reporting the progress of food and is NAFEM compliant, great for kitchens that are networked. Available in two tier configurations.
  • Blast Chiller with Epicon Visual Interface – Includes the manual and automatic modes for enhancing safety of perishables over conventional refrigeration, while still guaranteeing continuous accuracy of production. Makes use of the ProbeChill™ to activate the Automatic menu option automatically either with the user determined or default settings. Capable of storing 250 recipes and downloading them via a USB port. Has an onboard printer device so you can easily monitor HACCP requirements for your perishables.
  • Dual Temps

Dual Temp units are available in different configurations such as refrigerator and freezer or holding cabinet and refrigerator to suit the different needs of every consumer. Specifically developed for optimum storage capacity, with a self-contained and perfectly balanced refrigeration system for keeping food items safe and fresh. Also implements the INTELA-TRAUL technology for accurate maintenance of temperature.

  • Hot Food Holding Cabinets

Heated cabinets for keeping food hot and ready to go at all times. Also utilizes a novel heating technology capable of efficiently and evenly dispensing hot air all throughout the unit and the INTELA-TRAUL system for precise control of temperature settings. These units are likewise ENERGY STAR® qualified helping you lower your energy expenses.

  • Preparation Tables

Traulsen Preparation Tables are efficiently developed to help keep your food safe and fresh always.

  • Compact Sandwich Prep Tables – Built with long-lasting metal and can accommodate 6-inch deep pans. Comes in 60-inch, 48-inch, 32-inch, and 27-inch sizes, with doors that stay-open and self-closes for maximum user convenience. Uses the TempAssure® airflow system and certified NSF-7.
  • TS Full-Size Prep Tables – Full sized preparation tables with front-breathing configurations to do away with space clearance issues. Can likewise accommodate half, third, and full size pans without using adapter bars. NSF-7 certified and utilizes the TempAssure® airflow system.
  • Undercounter and Equipment Stands

This line of undercounter and equipment stands provide consumers the capability to prepare both cold and hot food items. The range includes compact undercounters, refrigerated equipment stands, and full-size undercounter refrigeration systems.

  • Traulsen Special Applications

Special apps offered by Traulsen are built with high quality materials and efficient configurations for commercial foodservice applications. Traulsen commercial appliance repair professionals can also troubleshoot issues with the following units:

  • 15 Degree Freezers
  • Air-Curtain Refrigerators
  • Convertible Freezers
  • Deli Merchandiser
  • Double-Depth Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Even-Thaw Refrigerators
  • Extra-Wide Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Fast Freezers
  • Fire-Rated Refrigerators & Heated Cabinets
  • Fish & Poultry Refrigerators
  • Mobile Displays
  • Space-Saver Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Wine Coolers

There is no doubt that owning such top notch quality commercial appliances from Traulsen is cost-effective. However, since commercial appliances are used day in and day out, they need regular checkups, maintenance, and the occasional repairs and for this, you also need the best Traulsen commercial appliance repair specialists to get the job done.

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