Scotsman Appliances: Know Your Ice Machine

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Scotsman Appliances: Know Your Ice Machine

Scotsman Ice Machines

The need for competent and professional Scotsman appliance specialists is vital to keep your Scotsman appliance in its optimum working condition. Scotsman became known in the 50s when with their introduction of the ice cube that is as clear as crystal, slowly melts, and free of minerals.  They offer a wide array of advanced machines that are EPA Energy Star certified.

Most recently, Scotsman introduced their Prodigy® Advanced Sustainability line of ice machines that offers cube, nugget, and flake models. They offer consumers the chance of saving not only on operating costs, but on energy and water as well simply by investing in their line of high quality ice machines.

However, even high quality machines need regular maintenance and repairs. So if you own a Scotsman ice machine and/or other Scotsman appliances make sure to only seek help from qualified Scotsman ice machine repair technicians to get the job done. In the meantime, knowing your Scotsman ice machine is also crucial so you can get the most out of it. Below are some facts that may be helpful:

  • Do you know that the water quality you supply your Scotsman ice machine actually has a direct impact on the duration between regular cleaning and most importantly on your machine’s lifespan? This also covers the time between calling in Scotsman commercial appliance repair personnel for recommended regular checkups and calling them in for more extensive ice machine repair.
  • Water may harbor impurities in two common ways, either in solution or suspension. Dissolved solids or solution can’t be filtered and instead should be treated or properly diluted. On the other hand, suspension or suspended solids may be filtered by making use of water filters. Note that some water filters may contain treatment so consult with Scotsman appliance repair specialists for the proper treatments that can be used.
  • Scotsman ice machines can be used with reverse osmosis or RO water. Note that the water conductivity should however in the 10 micro Siemens/cm and no less. When connecting the machine to a water filtration system, filter the water only to the reservoir and not the condenser.
  • When you install your Scotsman ice maker within close proximity of yeast or something similar, you risk the chance of possible airborne contamination which also will require more frequent cleanings. Further, majority of water filters eliminate chlorine which in turn greatly aggravates the condition.
  • Water filters that don’t eliminate chlorine can improve the above mentioned condition. The process of ice making eliminates the chlorine when needed instead so that the ice won’t have weird odors or tastes. You can also ask Scotsman appliance repair professionals for recommendations concerning devices that can improve this condition and to keep your machine in tiptop shape in between scheduled cleanings.
  • If you have a cube Scotsman ice machine, note that it makes use of more water than what is really required for making ice. This is because while majority of the water supply is utilized for the ice making process, some of it is actually intended to be drained at each cycle in order to lessen the quantity of hard water scale that may be left in the machine. This is called water purging and an efficient water purge process can translate to less frequent and extensive cleanings of the water system.
  • Scotsman ice machines should be located in a controlled setting; hence, they preferably should be located indoors. Likewise, with air cooled ice machines, warm air is discharged from the back portions so some space should be allotted for the back and side portions of the machines for proper and seamless discharge and intake of air. Water cooled ice machines on the other hand discharge warm water via a drain and require space on both side portions, as well as the top portion.
  • Without the proper space clearances, your ice machine will still operate, but not to its maximum capacity. Some space allowance is also required for maintenance and service purposes. In general, a space allowance of 6 inches for the back and side portions should suffice.
  • For optimum working condition, place your ice machine far from heating ducts or other appliances that produce heat. For 48-inch Scotsman ice machines, air is discharged from the left and front portions and out the back portion and for the 30-inch and 22-inch ice machines, air flow is discharged from the left portion and out the back portion. These models also need connection to a potable, cold water supply, a valve that is hand actuated, and attached drain tubing.
  • In general, Scotsman ice machines have a maximum freezing time of 45 minutes that if surpassed will cause the controller to try and start another freezing cycle. If the freeze time of the succeeding freeze cycle is less than the maximum freeze time, the controller will still make ice. If it again exceeds the freeze time, the same thing happens. However, if the freeze time exceeds the maximum, the control will deactivate and should be reactivated manually.
  • If there is a maximum freezing time, there is also a minimum freezing time which is set to six minutes. In the event that the control causes the machine to start a harvest cycle 20 seconds into the minimum freeze cycle, the control will harvest for a predetermined time and won’t stop with the opening of the curtain switch. When this happens again during three succeeding cycles, the ice machine will turn off and should be turned on manually.
  • Scotsman ice machines also have a maximum harvest time of 3 ½ minutes. If the curtain does not open even after a harvest cycle of 3 ½ minutes, the machine shuts off and then restarts. If this occurs for three consecutive cycles, the control shuts down the ice machine and should be reset manually.

Knowing all these useful Scotsman ice machine facts will no doubt help in the proper and safe usage of your appliance. In the event that something does go wrong however, remember to only ask for assistance from a professional Scotsman appliance repair technician.

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