Tips for Using a Thermador Oven

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Tips for Using a Thermador Oven

Tips for using your Thermador oven

Thermador ovens can provide you with quicker results than most ovens because it is a convection rather than a conventional oven.  Convection ovens can cook your food in a shorter amount of time due to the fact that they have fans inside to blow around the warm air, so that the food is heated thoroughly and not just from one heat source (the hot coils from a conventional oven.). More information about it in this article tips here…

When purchasing a convection oven, you will need to keep in mind some of the differences in order to avoid burning your food. Our technicians are trained to service and repair Thermador convection ovens so if you are having any trouble at all give us a call at(800) 657-0765

Describing Convection ovens

As explained above, convection ovens take a different approach to getting your food cooked than most conventional ovens.  Where conventional ovens have the heat from their coils beating around the food, convectional ovens have the fans in place to blow the heat onto the food, warming it quicker.  The movement of heat by the fans will make the food cook faster because the cold air coming from the cold food will be moved around and replaced by the warm air put out by the oven heat.  Think about painted fingernails, they dry faster with the help of a fan that would be provided in a nail salon than without. More information about it in this article tips here…

The main advantage to owning a convectional oven is the time saved because of the convenient fans pushing to heat the food faster.  This helps the chemical reactions from the ingredients in your food to react to your advantage, allowing foods to stay juicer as they can steam more quickly and be removed from the oven sooner.  You will save about ¼ the time you would spend to bake something in a conventional oven by using the Thermador convectional oven. More information about it in this article tips here…

Oven Heat

When cooking in the Thermador convection oven, the temperature should be decreased by 25 degrees Fahrenheit from the original amount listed on the recipe.  The oven should always be preheated before inserting your meal inside to ensure that it will give you the best results every time.  It should take less than 15 minutes for a 27 to 30-inch Thermador convection oven to evenly preheat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


When cooking in the convection oven, it is recommended to use cookware with the lowest height you have available to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Thermador oven.  Typically when cooking in a standard conventional oven, you may need to adjust the temperature based on how dark or light your cookware is.  This is not the case for a conventional oven, however when baking cookies in a Termador oven, light colored aluminum sheets seem to produce the best results.

Checking Cooked Food

It is suggested to stay close by when cooking in your Thermador convection oven so that you can monitor your food to avoid overcooking.  Avoid opening the oven multiple times to check food and be sure to have a cooking thermometer nearby to ensure that your cooked food has an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.