Advice for Caring for a Sub-Zero refrigerator

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Advice for Caring for a Sub-Zero refrigerator

Sub-Zero has worked very hard to establish themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of refrigerators. The refrigerators that the company turns out not only work great, they also take advantage of the latest technology when available for cooling and maintaining food, and look amazing in all kitchens. The biggest problem with owning a Sub-Zero refrigerator tends to be the repair and maintenance they require. While the appliance will be well built, the machine tends to be a bit more than the average technician can handle. When you own a Sub-Zero refrigerator you need to make sure all the repair techs that work on it, have been properly qualified by the Sub-Zero company to do so.

Sub Zero Service & repair tips

As soon as you purchase a Sub-Zero refrigerator you want to collect the name of a local appliance repair company that lists Sub-Zero refrigerators as one of the appliances they specialize in. After confirming that the company knows what they’re doing and will be able to get your Sub-Zero refrigerator up and running again if it ever breaks down, you’ll want to keep the number somewhere handy where you can find it quickly should you ever need it. It’s better to be prepared.

Provided you take care of your Sub-Zero refrigerator, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about ever having it repaired. A properly cared for Sub-Zero refrigerator will outlast all the rest of your kitchen appliances.

The biggest difference between the people who never have to get their Sub-Zero refrigerator repaired and those that do has to do with how well the Sub-Zero refrigerator as cleaned. The cleaner you keep the fridge, the longer it will last. You should plan on giving the fridge a thorough cleaning at least once a month. That includes pulling it away from the wall and cleaning behind it. Once or twice a year you should plan on defrosting the freezer portion. Not only will cleaning the Sub-Zero refrigerator keep it in perfect condition, but it will also decrease the odds of your catching food poisoning from improperly stored food.

sub-zero fridgeWhen you prepare to clean your Sub-Zero refrigerator you need to set aside the strong detergents which can do a great deal of damage, and stick to mild cleansers, like a little dish soap mixed in warm water. After propping the door open and removing the ice trays and foods, you simply wipe it out. Placing a towel at the base of the fridge will prevent you from flooding your kitchen.

When it’s time to defrost the freezer, you can hasten the task by placing a pot or two of hot water inside. The steam will quickly cause the buildup of frost to melt away, at which point you can wipe it out, plug it back in, and replace your frozen food.

As soon as you suspect that your Sub-Zero refrigerator isn’t running as well as it should, you need to get in touch with the appliance repair tech. The sooner they check out the situation, the less damage will be done.