My washer doesn’t pick up the water?

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My washer doesn’t pick up the water?

You load the laundry at washer, you put the powder in, you choose the program and… nothing happens! The drum remains stationary. If the machine has a screen, the display may show an error code that tells you that the washing machine is not pouring water.

Naturally, the machine does not work in this “waterless” state. And today it is almost impossible to imagine your life without automatic washing: after all, we are all used to manual labor, which takes a lot of effort and time. So, what to do if the washing machine has stopped collecting water?

There may have been some kind of malfunction. But first, let’s check if there’s water at all.

🔴 Is there water in the tap? Maybe there’s nothing wrong with the machine, just another maintenance work from the utilities?

🔴 Is the water supply valve open? As a rule, a water shut-off tap is installed on the washing machine – it is either on the “comb” in the sanitary cabinet or directly on the pipe that supplies water to the machine. It is possible that children or pets “helped” and the tap was accidentally closed. In this case, just open the faucet.

🔴 Is the hose supplying the water okay? Maybe it was accidentally kinked or something heavy is lying on it, so the hose is transferred?

There’s nothing wrong with the water supply, but the washing machine still doesn’t pump? So we’re talking about some kind of malfunction. First unload the washing machine and unplug it from the socket. Then try to figure out what happened. On your own – with the help of our article or, what is much more correct and effective, with the help of a professional master of washing machine repair.

The main reasons why the washing machine doesn’t flood the water

The simplest, yet most common, fault is the banal blockage in the inlet valve. The machine is protected by a filter against fine debris, which can sometimes be found in tap water. It looks like a fine mesh and is in front of the inlet valve, through which water is drawn into the machine. If the net is “clogged”, water stops flowing into the washing machine. You can try to deal with this problem yourself: take out the net and rinse it well. However, if you are not sure of your abilities, it is better to entrust the work to the master.

If there’s nothing wrong with the filter, it’s probably due to a more complex breakage.

Breakage Breakage What’s the problem?

Water supply valve is faulty.

Electronic water supply valve is fault. Water is supplied to the washing machine under water supply pressure. It opens the supply valve, which receives a signal from the control module. If the valve is defective, the machine is “physically” unable to draw water.


The valve has to be replaced.

The control board (in electronic washing machines) or the programmer (in mechanical machines) is faulty.

The machine does not give the command “collect water” because the control element has broken down. This situation is the opposite of the one described above: the valve is correct and ready for operation, but it does not receive a signal that it is necessary to recharge water.


A “reprogram” or replacement of the control module is required.

Water sensor is faulty. A pressure switch that measures and monitors the amount of water supplied for washing has failed. In the event of a breakage, the washing machine cannot estimate the amount of water and the washing does not start.


The sensor has to be replaced.

Interlock device is faulty Interlock device is faulty: in this case, the “lock” icon lights up at the beginning of the laundry. The Interlock protects the machine against opening the hatch during operation, as it can be dangerously injurious at high speeds. If the locking device does not work, the washing machine will not start to operate to avoid accidents.
The Interlock needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to “see with the naked eye” what exactly has broken down – it is almost impossible, as “additional symptoms” such malfunctions have almost no. That is why we recommend not to play with the technique of charades: in our experience, the independent repair often leads to more serious, and as a consequence – more expensive to repair the breakdowns. So in case of malfunction do not hesitate and immediately call a technician to repair  at ️(800) 657-0765