How to Clean the Water Inlet Filter in the Washer.

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How to Clean the Water Inlet Filter in the Washer.

Has your washing machine taken long to get water? The reason could be in the filter mesh of the inlet valve. It’s clogged and it doesn’t flow well. In addition, it can be accompanied by a water inlet error.

Pay attention! A long set of water can be associated not only with the inlet valve filter. Other causes are also possible. For example, a weak pressure in the water supply system or an incompletely open shut-off valve. For a complete list of possible malfunctions, see Why the washing machine is slowly picking up water“.
A clogged filter needs to be removed and cleaned. But first, let’s find out where it is.

Where is the washing machine’s fill filter?

On all machines, the filter is installed in front of the filling valve directly in the opening where the water hose to the machine is screwed on. Looks like a round plastic mesh with small holes.

fill filter

How to clean the filter mesh yourself – instruction manual

The cleaning procedure is quite simple, requires no special knowledge and experience, it can be handled even by a woman who is not familiar with the device washer. The main thing is to follow the sequence of steps described below.

  • Unplug the washing machine from the socket and shut off the machine’s water shut-off valve.
  • Unscrew the washing machine fill hose and disconnect it from the cabinet to access the filter. Usually it is easy to do with your hands, but if you don’t have enough strength, use pliers or pliers. There is always some water left in the hose, so slip a rag when unscrewing the hose if you don’t want the water left on the floor.
  • Gently squeeze the filter with pliers or pliers and pull it out easily.
    Rinse the mesh under a jet of water. If you want more thorough cleaning, soak it in citric acid solution for 30-60 minutes (at the rate of 1 teaspoon per glass of warm water). Please note that the water must not be hot. Boiling water can cause deformation of the plastic, then you will have to change the fill filter. Warm water is preferable to cold water as it dissolves citric acid better.
  • Insert the mesh back into the filling valve opening as far as it will go with pliers or pliers.
  • Screw in the fill hose, open the water tap to the machine completely and check that the hose connection to the washing machine is not leaking.
  • Plug the washing machine into an outlet, start any program and make sure the machine is pouring water.

Input filter for washing

Remove the input filter from the washer.

How often do you clean up?

Unlike a drain filter, a filler does not require regular cleaning. Clean it as the water supply to the washer deteriorates. Notice that the machine has started to pick up water badly and slowly, then clean it.

Why does the water valve filter get clogged?

No matter how clean the tap water is, it contains impurities (scale, salt, other insoluble particles) that clog the filter. Installing additional tap water filters reduces the amount of “debris”, but does not solve the problem completely. The filter will still have to be cleaned, although less often.

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