Dryer Maintenance Tips

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Dryer Maintenance Tips

Aluminum is usually used to build the vent pipe of the dryer. In the past white vinyl duct was used but now it no longer meets most building codes. This is because a fire may begin at home from your dryer igniting it. When the dryer gets many uses, look into the entire vent pipe for lint build-up one or more times per year. More information about it in this article here …

Dryer Vent

Note: You need to get rid of the lint from the duct. Don’t just push it to the back of the dryer or let it clog any part of the vent. More information about it in this article here…

Interior of dryer cabinet

The lint filter can be used to trap the lint that is made by clothes tumbling inside a dryer. However some lint gathers and invariably escapes within the dryer cabinet. You need to check inside the cabinet at the minimum one per year and clean it if required. You need to clean the dryer cabinet frequently when the dryer is employed heavily. More information about it in this article here…

Lint filter

You need to check and clean the lint filter after every drying cycle. You should replace the lint filter if it holds any rips or tears. It is easy to clean it with a soft-bristle brush along with a little detergent when the filter becomes clogged up by fabric softener residue or other residue.

Area under lint filter

It is possible to clean the chute, duct, or areas that the lint filters through with a vacuum cleaner that can reach into the duct and clean it out.

Note: You have to disassemble the dryer and clean out the lint more thoroughly when the lint build-up is severe. You should consult with a qualified 🔧dryer repair technician since there is a risk of injuring yourself or damaging the equipment.

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