Why Won’t My Viking Range Stop Clicking

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Why Won’t My Viking Range Stop Clicking

Appliances are wonderful parts of our homes, helping us to get more work done in easier, faster, and more affordable ways. The Viking brand of appliances are some of the best in the world stainless steel gas ranges, but even these quality appliance can have problems from time to time. One problem you might encounter is a Viking range that won’t  stop clicking or making a constant clicking noise.

If you’re like most homeowners, you’d probably like to understand the situation better so you can decide whether to fix the problem yourself or call in a more costly professional. This guide will help you get to the bottom of why your Viking range & dual fuel range won’t stop clicking, and what you can do to remedy the annoying problem or Call us for help at ️(800)657-0765

Why Won’t My Viking Range Stop Clicking

Before Getting Started

It’s important to follow certain safety precautions when working with appliances. Always unplug the appliance before servicing it or opening up the appliance cabinet. Wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself, and always work in a well-lit area with the right tools for the job. If you ever feel hesitant to work on an appliance, call a Viking repair professional to help you out.

When working with natural gas appliances in this situation, take these points into consideration as well: always turn off the natural gas supply at the appliance, or at the home main if there is no appliance shut off.

Clean Range and Igniters

If your Viking range won’t stop clicking, the first step you should take is to clean the range, paying special attention to cleaning any stove igniters around the burner igniters area. Clean the cook top itself, the gas burners and all burner parts, including the burner cap. Avoid powder type cleaners, as they have a tendency to clog up burner holes. Use a solution of warm, mildly sudsy water to clean the cooktop and burner areas. A toothbrush or similar tool may help you get the job done better. More information about it in this article …

Follow your owner’s manual to lift the Viking range top to clean underneath, as well. While the cooktop is raised the burner assemblies are taken apart, take care to inspect and clean the oven igniter electrode or igniters for the burners on your stove. This is the most likely cause for a clicking sound to be coming from a Viking range. You can use a q-tip or similar tool to clean the igniters completely. Sometimes possible fault igniter sparks module.

Reassemble the burners and close the cooktop. Restore power and gas, and try lighting your Viking stove again. If the clicking is gone, your cleaning has solved the problem or Call us for help at ️(800)657-0765

Ignitor Replacement

If cleaning does not stop the clicking, you may need to replace the igniter on your stove. Use your owner’s manual to access the igniter and accompanying assembly, and check to see if there are any signs of visible damage. Check the igniter, wires, and connected components. Take care to make sure that all igniters and burners are plugged into the proper connections, and that they haven’t been switched around. If you notice any damage or issue with the igniters, it may be time for a replacement. More information about it in this article …

Check Ground Status

This third step is a bit more technical I nature than the previous troubleshooting tips, so be sure that you are prepared to complete this step correctly if you proceed.

In some cases, the clicking of a Viking range can be attributed to the ignition module with a disconnected, broken, or poorly connected ground wire. The ignition module itself is plastic, and thus must have a secure and operational ground for any sort of grounding to occur. Without this grounding, the clicking noise can manifest in the Viking range.

First, access the ignition module from the top of the range and look for the ground wire which feeds to the module. The (green) ground wire should be making solid and complete contact where it meets and is connected with the stove chassis. Without this contact in place, the ground is faulty and the clicking noise may continue. A faulty ground can also pose serious safety hazards, so it should be remedied as soon as possible.

If you are able to locate the ground wire near its intended location on the chassis (consult your owner’s manual for detailed location), then you can try to make a better connection yourself. It is possible to adjust the ground wire to make a better metal to metal bond using only a Phillips-head screwdriver. If the ground wire is severely damaged or not in place, you should call a service professional to make sure that the appliance is grounded appropriately. Call us for help at ️(800)657-0765