My Washer Not Getting Clothes Clean

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My Washer Not Getting Clothes Clean

We rely each and every day on washing machines to provide us with the clean clothes and linens we need to get through our lives. If you have a family, you know even more how important it is to keep them in clean and comfortable clothes. When you load your washing machine, you expect to pull out clean clothes at the end of the cycle. But what can you do when your washer is not getting clothes clean? This guide will give you a few ideas on why clothes aren’t getting clean, and what you can do to fix that or call us for help at ️(800)657-0765.

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Get Agitated

One of the components most likely to fail on a washing machine is the agitator, and a washing machine can’t clean clothes without moving them around the tub effectively. Agitators come in one-part and two-part assemblies, and it’s possible for their parts to wear out, slip, or break to the point that they will not work. Check to make sure that your agitator is moving, and if it is a double-action agitator that both parts are moving. If your agitator is not moving, run a few different cycle settings to be sure that it’s mechanically broken and that the problem doesn’t lie in a specific setting or cycle. If the agitator continues to malfunction, you may have to open the cabinet to investigate whether any of its assembly parts have become worn out or broken. If you aren’t comfortable using your owner’s manual to open the cabinet and investigate a specific part, contact a professional washer repair man.

Seized up Soap

Another common problem with washing machines is a buildup of soap powder or residue in the detergent tray. Every dishwasher is different, but over time and regular use these grimes and residues can build up in the trays and lines that contain and deliver soap during your washing cycles. Make sure that all trays and soap dispenser lines are clear and clean of major dirtiness. In the future, you should know that it is usually okay to add your detergents directly to the tub or basin of your washer, rather than using the trays and lines that can become clogged and cause problems.

Proper Use and the Right Cleaners

Modern washing machines aren’t the simple cleaners of yesterday. Today’s washing machines are complicated devices with dozens of settings and programs. Make sure that you take the following steps to ensure the cleanest of clothes:

  • Use the right laundry soap. Read your owner’s manual to see if there is a recommended type or consistency of soap for your machine.
  • Use the right amount of laundry soap. Don’t overload your washing machine with soap thinking that it will get clothes cleaner. In the end, you might get an opposite result and wind up damaging your washer.
  • Don’t overload your washing machine. Even though the load size says “super,” it can’t fit a whole wardrobe at once. Make sure you’re not putting too many individual items in the washing machine. If it’s too crowded in the tub, soap will not be effectively dispersed, and the agitator will not effectively move clothes. You can also damage the washing machine by weighing it down too much.
  • Don’t mix fabric types. Wash towels with towels, and silks with silks. Mixing different types of fabrics makes it harder to select the right program and cycle for your load. It can also make it harder to dry the load afterward.
  • Pick the right program and cycle for your load. Don’t wash everything on the same setting if your washing machine offers many options. Use the right settings, whether for delicates or darks, handwashing or bleached loads. You’ll get better results by being more specific with your settings.
  • Clean Your Machine

Just call us for help at ️(800)657-0765

You should periodically perform routine cleaning on your washing machine. If your washing machine is not getting your clothes clean, now is the perfect time to see if your washing machine is dirty. We don’t necessarily think about cleaning a machine that cleans our clothes, but a washing machine can build up grime, soap scum, hair, rust, and dirt in many different nooks and crannies. While your washing machine is empty, use a household cleaner or warm soapy water and a rag to clean up the corners, cracks, and crannies of the tub. Make sure the dials and switches aren’t collecting moisture or grime, and check all connections that are visible to you on the outside. If there is a buildup of scale or mineral deposits anywhere on the washer, use appropriate chemical cleaners to remove them. Call us for help at ️(800)657-0765