True Refrigerator Repair: Common Issues

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True Refrigerator Repair: Common Issues

True Refrigerators Common Issues

True has been an industry titan in the commercial refrigerator industry for more than 65 years and counting. With countless refrigeration systems sold, it is no wonder that the need for True refrigerator repairs specialists is also crucial in order to maintain the top notch quality of True refrigerators.

Because the line of True refrigeration & cooler systems offers a host of different features and options that will fit the varying requirements of different consumers, this also means that proper maintenance is a must, and True refrigerator repair should only be left in the hands of capable and True refrigeration professionals. With this in mind, below is a list of some of the more common True refrigerator problems that require the attention of True refrigerator repair specialists and appliance repair experts.

  1. True refrigerator is not as cold as it should be.
  2. Liquids tend to freeze because of overly cold temperature that reaches below 32 degrees.
  3. Compressor tends to shut down because of excessive dirt on the condenser which in turn obstructs seamless air flow.
  4. The refrigerator does not get cold at all. Only releases warm air even with the compressor running which can possibly be caused by a leak or a malfunctioning compressor & appliance repair.
  5. Motor failure of the evaporator fan.
  6. Overheating compressor because of a defective fan motor.
  7. Evaporator coils freeze because of excessive dirt.
  8. Build up of ice in the evaporator because of the thermostat cycling off.
  9. True refrigerator door does not properly seal which causes the moisture to freeze.
  10. Evaporator coils freeze because of an issue with the defrosting system.
  11. Evaporator coils freeze due to a malfunctioning thermostat.
  12. Fans seem to be working fine but the refrigerator fails to cool which is commonly due to blocked or soiled evaporator coils or condenser coils & appliance repair experts.
  13. Water leaks.
  14. Malfunctioning overload protector or start relay.
  15. Freezer has too much ice build up even if the defrost system seems to work fine.
  16. Dirty evaporator. It is important to note that many clients are surprised to find out that frozen evaporator coils are commonly attributed to be the root cause of cooling issues with their True refrigeration systems. Because of this, blocked or frozen condenser coils or evaporator coils can actually prevent the proper exchange of heat which in turn causes issues in the refrigeration cycle.
  17. Defrost thermostat wont work properly.
  18. Defrost heater is burned.

Although it is always your best option to ️call on True refrigerator repair professionals when you experience common issues with your True refrigeration systems, you should also be aware of the safety precautions you have to take into consideration when using electrical appliances. Likewise, always make sure that you refrigerator is installed properly and located in a proper place according to the manufacturer’s guidelines prior to activating it. For issues with installation, you can also contact True refrigerator specialists to get the job done easily and surely. Below are some safety tips you should take note of:

  • Never touch the freezer compartment’s cold or iced surfaces most especially when your skin is wet or damp. You skin will stick to the surface and may cause injury.
  • Always make sure to unplug your refrigerator prior to cleaning or repairing it. Note that merely setting the temp control to “0” will not cause the deactivation of the evaporator fans, perimeter heaters, or the light circuit.
  • Never let your kids stand, hang, or climb the refrigerator’s shelves since it could lead to serious injuries for the kids and damage to your appliance.
  • Always know where your fingers are when you are near areas of the refrigerator where you can be pinched. Likewise, make sure to look around before closing the refrigerator door, especially if you have kids in the house.
  • Never store or utilize flammable vapors or liquids such as gasoline in close proximity of your True refrigerator, or any electrical appliance for that matter.

There is no doubt that one of the most common issues concerning True refrigerators are almost always caused by a blocked or dirty condenser. Keeping your condenser in optimum condition can help your lower your electrical bill and of course, your service costs. Because of this, you should be aware of the following condenser facts:

  • The condenser component of your refrigerator look like vertical fins arranged in a group.
  • It is important that the condenser can be seen through as clearly as possible for your refrigeration system to work as it should and at optimum capacity.
  • Never put filter stuff that can block the front part of your condenser coils since this can obstruct the proper flow of air to the coils.
  • The condenser actually need proper cleaning every month since they accumulate dirt fairly quickly. This is because air is continuously pulled via the condenser, along with grease, lint, and dirt among others.
  • A dirty and faulty condenser can translate to loss of sales and loss or products to name a few and these are of course not included in your warranty.
  • Cleaning the condenser involves the proper removal of accumulated particles. For the braver individuals, you can do this by making use of a soft brush, pressurized air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or vacuuming the coils. It is likewise vital to note that you should use proper eye protection when using pressurized air for cleaning the condenser to prevent injuries. Better yet, have your condenser cleaned regularly by True refrigerator repair specialists for your utmost convenience and safety.

So if you’re having True refrigerator problems, it is strongly recommended that you seek the customers service of competent professionals who know all about the ins and outs of True refrigeration systems. This is important since you can actually cause more problems to your appliance if you opt to do it yourself or have someone incompetent do the job for you, instead of getting help from True refrigerator repair technicians in the first place. For all commercial appliance repairs, including True appliances, call us at ️(800) 657-0765.