Dryer Repair and Maintenance Tips

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Dryer Repair and Maintenance Tips

Dryer Repair and Maintenance Tips

When you need 💨dryer repair, you can’t afford to wait around. In today’s busy Los Angeles society, doing laundry is something we have to do on the run. You throw a load of clothes in the washer before work and then switch them to the dryer when you get home. So what happens when your dryer stops working? The Los Angeles lifestyle doesn’t exactly allow time for you to put your clothes and towels out on a line to dry! You need dryer repair and you need it quickly. At AmeriPro, we offer the most fast, affordable dryer repair services in the city.

Common Problems With Dryers

Because dryers get a lot of heavy use, they often experience problems even if you have a high end brand. We see a lot of dryer problems, but they are all usually similar. Here are the most common problems our customers report with their dryers:

  • Dryer overheats
  • Dials or buttons stop working
  • Dryer is rattling or shaking
  • Dryer vibrates or rocks
  • Clothes are not dry after one cycle
  • Clothes are dirty or torn after a dryer cycle
  • Foul odor in the dryer or on freshly dried linens
  • Broken digital display
  • Blown fuses or circuits
  • Broken tumbling mechanism
  • Clogged or jammed lint tray
  • Drying takes too long
  • Clothes are too hot
  • Clothes remain damp
  • Automatic sensors don’t shut off
  • Cycle signal stops working

Troubleshoot Your Broken Dryer

If you notice your dryer isn’t working properly, you can follow this short list to troubleshoot the situation and see if you can repair it on your own. Try this first before you call for professional Los Angeles dryer repair and it could save you some money! More information about it in this article …

Problem: My clothes are still damp when they come out of the dryer.

Try This: You could have a blockage in the hoses or vents. Check behind the dryer and see if the hoses are kinked or compressed. Check the vent for any buildup that is blocking air flow.

Problem: My dryer sounds like a rocket ship! It is vibrating, rocking, and making weird noises every time I use it!

Try This: Your dryer is probably off balance, but it is easy to fix. Make sure the legs are adjusted so that all four feet are on the ground. This should balance the dryer and cause the rattling and rocking to stock.

Problem: I have to dry my clothes several times before they actually get dry!

Try This: If you already checked the vents and hoses for a blockage, your washing machine could be the culprit. Are your clothes soaking wet after a wash cycle? If so, you need washer repair. Clothes should be just damp when they enter the dryer, not wet.

Prevent Dryer Problems With Proper Maintenance

If you want to prevent major problems with your dryer, maintenance is really important. AmeriPro can offer you annual dryer maintenance in Los Angeles to insure that your dryer runs properly throughout the year. You can also do some basic maintenance work on your won. Make sure you empty the lint filter after every use and give the hoses room to sit behind the dryer without being compressed. More information about it in this article …

Call AmeriPro For Dryer Repair in Los Angeles

If you do need dryer repair in Los Angeles, AmeriPro is happy to assist you. Our highly skilled appliance repair team has years of experience in dryer repair. We are factory trained and certified in all major brands and we use only factory approved parts for all repair work. We also offer the most affordable pricing for appliance repair in Los Angeles.

If you have a dryer repair emergency, AmeriPro offers same day service. Unfortunately, some dryer repair problems could be a major risk to your home and your family. Clogged dryer vents and tubes are a fire hazard and you should address the issue of a broken dryer right away. If nothing else, unplug it until a repair professional arrives to examine the problem. When you ️call AmeriPro for dryer repair in Los Angeles, you will receive convenient same day service at no additional price. Just let the customer support department know that you need dryer repair and it is very urgent. They will work hard to find a repair technician that is available to come out to your home or business immediately.Get Same Day Service on Los Angeles Dryer Repair

Enjoy a Free Dryer Repair Estimate

If you aren’t sure how much dryer repair will cost, that’s okay! We give you a free, no obligation estimate. When we come out to do the repair, we start by diagnosing the problem with your dryer and then write up a complete estimate. This includes all the costs involved in fixing the dryer, both parts and labor. There are never any hidden fees so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when you get your bill. After you review the estimate, you can choose whether you wish to have the dryer repaired on the spot or if you would prefer to wait and get estimates from our competitors. We keep our prices very competitive and we will match the price if you find a competitor that charges less for the same dryer repair services in Los Angeles.

AmeriPro Offers On Site Dryer Repair For Your Convenience

We also make dryer repair in Los Angeles convenient by coming out to your home or business to do all repair work. You never have to transport your dryer across town and we bring a van with all the parts and tools we need to repair your dryer right away.

Call us at ️(800) 657-0765  to schedule your dryer repair in Los Angeles!