How To Start The Air Conditioner After The Winter

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How To Start The Air Conditioner After The Winter

Agree that air conditioning is an essential attribute of any modern room. Service life of air cooling systems depends directly on the quality and regularity of their maintenance. This golden rule concerns not only summer time, but also the period of severe frosts.

For an air conditioner to serve you faithfully and truthfully for as long as possible, you need to watch it properly. To take into account the subtleties of climatic equipment operation in winter period.

So, how to start a conditioner after winter and whether it is necessary to take care of it in the period of minus temperatures? On these and other questions we will try to give detailed answers in our article.

Rules For Switching On The Air Conditioner After Winter

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Compliance with simple but very important rules will help you extend the life and proper operation of your climate control equipment. Keep a close eye on the condition of your air conditioner, and it will serve you faithfully for many years.

In order for your climate technology to last as long as possible, you need to observe manufacturer’s advice and carry out regular preventive maintenance of your climate systems.

Prevention, in this case, means cleaning, proper operation in the summer season, observance of the basic parameters of the temperature regime and timely filling of the air conditioner with Freon. The main question, which concerns many users of climatic equipment, is how to make the conditioner serve long and how to turn it on correctly after winter.

For this purpose it is necessary to observe some recommendations, observance of which will help to prolong the term of operation of the equipment.

Ambient Temperature

Instructions for operation of climatic equipment always contain exhaustive information about the basic rules of use of equipment. Permissible temperature limits outside, at which an air conditioner can be switched on without affecting its performance, depend on the design of the system itself.

At the moment, manufacturers produce climatic equipment, which can absolutely fully heat a room even at extremely low external temperatures. Such conditioners are often used at large enterprises, country villas, hotels.

Their price is much higher than average household appliances, however, they quite pay for themselves and are able to heat the air in the room faster than other electrical appliances.

Household air conditioners, in their majority, are also used for heating. But, of course, at much lower temperatures. Average temperature for their safe use – from 37 to 23 °F.

Often, air conditioners are used for heating the air during the so-called “off-season” – when it is noticeably cold outside. In winter a conditioner, which is not designed for frosts, should not be switched on categorically.

Cleaning And Maintenance

That part of the air conditioner we see is just the outside of it. Actually, the construction of climatic equipment is much more complicated and consists of dozens of small systems and spare parts.

Prolonged operation of the device leads to accumulation of a lot of dust in the inner block and filters. This is what most often leads to failure of the system or its incomplete operation.

Cleaning of the conditioner should be performed regularly (not less than once a year). Because of the fact that the construction of climatic equipment is rather difficult, it is better to resort to the services of specialists at its preventive cleaning, but if there is confidence in own forces, it is possible to carry out service of the equipment independently.

The internal unit can also be cleaned by yourself.

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It’s very simple:

  • open the front cover of the unit;
  • take out the filter meshes;
  • rinse thoroughly, vacuum and dry them;
  • put the filters back in place and return the cover to its original position.

This procedure should preferably be performed at least twice a month. Cleaning the filters will ensure that, together with the airflow, you will not inhale dust that accumulates in the air filtration nets.

If you do not clean the system in time, it will either completely fail or start working incorrectly.

Pressure And Freon Check

The main source of performance and full operation, both in cooling and heating mode, is Freon – a special gas, thanks to which the air conditioning systems and refrigerators operate.

Due to the design features of climatic equipment, there is a small, but regular leakage – on average – 20% per year. It does not mean at all that it is necessary to call us at (800)657-0765  and to fill up your device monthly – it is enough to replenish stocks of Freon before each summer season.

It is not recommended to do it yourself, as only a qualified person can reliably measure pressure and gas quantity in the air conditioner. For this purpose it is necessary to have special equipment and wide experience in the sphere of split-systems refueling.

In addition, it is important to understand that freon not only needs to be refilled regularly, but also to be completely discharged from the system and re-filled. Fortunately, this procedure is not necessary every year, but every few years.

A competent master will offer this service himself, if necessary. Freon refilling is the first step to be taken before the summer season starts.

Top 5 Tips To Start The Air Conditioning System

All the necessary information for owners of household air conditioners fits in just five simple rules:

  1. Do not turn on the air conditioner without first cleaning the system and filters. During the winter a lot of leaves, little garbage, small branches, dirt and dust could accumulate in the block. All this can cause enormous damage to the system and your health. During the season, you can clean the outer block on your own. But do not forget that it is not desirable to switch on the air conditioner immediately after cleaning – let it dry completely.
  2. Before starting the climatic equipment, make sure that the pressure in the system is sufficient and fill up the necessary amount of freon. Otherwise, there is a risk of being left without the air conditioner at the peak of summer heat.
  3. Make sure that the outside temperature is at least 0°C when the air conditioner is turned on. If you start the device at a lower temperature, you risk at best a failure of the compressor, at worst a failure of several spare parts at once.
  4. Check your device regularly – measure the Delta T temperature, evaluate the electronics and make sure that the remote control is in good working order. When all of the above steps have been taken – check several modes and options (heat, cold, good shutters, ionization function, etc.). Monitor the unit regularly during operation and if there are any slightest signs of malfunction, do not hesitate to call the wizard.
  5. Make sure there are no objects near the outdoor unit that obstruct the airflow out of it. Also, its integrity should be carefully inspected. Often this element of the system is deformed by hail, heavy rainfall or icing.
    This short briefing on the correct operation and maintenance of split-systems will help you not miss anything in the process of preparing the climatic equipment for the summer season.

Besides, observance of these simple rules on equipment maintenance will prolong the term of air conditioner operation. Call us for help (800)657-0765