How to Replace a Broken Dishwasher Timer

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How to Replace a Broken Dishwasher Timer

How to replace a dishwasher timer

Dishwashers, like most household appliances, have been designed to do chores for you, so that you can spend your time hanging out with your family, earning a living, or simply enjoying life. The trick to making sure that your dishwasher continues to clean your dishes so that you don’t have to will be keeping the timer in good working order.

While most brands of dishwashers have been fitted with a top quality timer, nothing works perfectly forever. The dishwasher timer, like so many other things, will occasionally malfunction. The most common examples of dishwasher timer malfunctions include the failure to properly stipulate time needed for specific dishwasher functions such as the rinse and was cycle. The other common problem dishwasher timers frequently have is sticking.

The timer system of dishwashers can be complicated, but you shouldn’t discourage your from trying to learn how you can make the repair yourself. The time it takes you to do this will save you about $300 which a professional will charge.

Testing and Replacing the Malfunctioning Timer

Troubleshooting dishwasher timer problems will help determine the exact cause as to why the timer is malfunctioning. Many times it is the timer motor that may malfunction instead of the entire assembly. So you need to conduct the test regarding the operational status of the dishwasher timer. However, before you open the dishwasher component, unplug the main switch and disconnect the wires as a safety measure. Once the dishwasher is off the electrical supply, you can go ahead with the task of replacing the dishwasher timer.

In order to repair your dishwasher timer, you’re going to have to troubleshoot the situation. Once you know why the timer has ceased to work properly, you can take the steps to repair it.

  • All brands of dishwashers have the placed the motor for the timer in the back of a panel which you will be able to locate by removing the door from the dishwasher. Directions for the door removal, as well as diagrams of the panel and timer motor can be located in the owner’s manual.
  • You can pick up a volt ohm meter at your local home improvement store and use it to help you determine if the timer’s motor is working properly.  When working properly, a quick scan of the timer with the volt ohm meter should indicate zero.
  • You won’t have any difficulty picking up the replacement timer. Most appliance stores will have exactly what you need. The appliance store will also provide you with some replacement advice. Don’t get intimidated by the idea of replacing the timer. You simply need to unscrew the motor and unplug from the dishwasher
  • Be very careful that you don’t tug on the wires as you unplug your old timer. This can cause the wire to break. When installing the new timer, you will want to use a clockwise motion to attach the wires. Make sure the timer has been set to zero before you replace the control panel and door.

If you have any problems and would like to let a professional handle this dishwasher repair for you, call (800) 657-0765 to schedule an appointment.