Refrigerator Coil Cleaning Tips

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Refrigerator Coil Cleaning Tips

Refrigerators need very minimal maintenance in order to keep them functioning as designed for years to come. However, most people do not know the first thing about how to take care of their refrigerator other than cleaning it out once in awhile. So where do you start? The first step in good refrigerator maintenance is cleaning the coils that keep your refrigerator cool.

It is important to carefully follow the plans or instructions of the manufacturer, as they know more about how your particular model works.

Power Off the Refrigerator

Refrigerator Coil Cleaning TipsThe first step in cleaning your refrigerator coils is to make sure the power is turned off to the unit. Just unplugging the refrigerator will work fine, but most of the time this effort usually requires moving a very heavy refrigerator. In order to make sure your coils are cleaned without you electrocuting yourself, turn the breaker off that leads to your refrigerator. Keep the breaker off throughout this operation.

Remove the Coils Cover

After the power is completely off to the unit, then you need to find the coils for your refrigerator. Older model refrigerators have coils in a grid pattern on the backside of the refrigerator. Newer model refrigerators have the coils on the bottom the unit. Either way, there is typically a panel that covers the coils. You will have to remove the panel before cleaning.

After you have located the coils and removed the panel, there are a couple of techniques you can use to make sure you get the coils as clean as possible. A paintbrush, around a one-inch brush, can be a great starting tool. The paintbrush can loosen caked on dirt and dust. The dirt can sometimes get sort of baked on, so having the paintbrush to start with is your best option.

After the paintbrush has gotten all that it can off the coils, then you may have to move to a damp rag. The rag will get stubborn dirt off the outer surface of the coils. This does not have to be done, but it helps out immensely at getting that tough grime off the coils.

Vacuum The Refrigerator Coils

The last step is to use a vacuum with a brush attachment to help get the dust bunnies off the coils. If the dust bunnies build up, it could cause some serious problems. This kind of danger could cause a fire. The brush attachment ensures that you get all the dirt that the paint brush loosened up out of those tight spots, nooks, and crannies. The vacuum can also get the dirt that has fallen under the coils and built up on the floor.

After you are done, be sure to first replace the panel covering. Contact the refrigerator repair specialists & make sure all the screws are back in place to keep the refrigerator from rattling and eventually causing more problems. After all the parts are back in place properly then and only then can the power be turned back on. Keeping your coils on your refrigerator clean is essential to good refrigerator care. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765