GE Washer Maintenance Tips

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GE Washer Maintenance Tips

GE Washer Maintenance

There are many people who will tell you that they love owning their own home. It is great after all, not having to worry about shared walls with neighbors and best of all you don’t have to go to a shared laundry room or even worse, a laundry mat to wash your clothes. Although many people love having a home of their own, not everyone is a fan of washing clothes. But you must admit that when you can do your laundry in your pajamas it is so much better than having to leave the house.

Balance Your Washer

The list of the best GE washer maintenance tips must start with how to make sure your washing machine is correctly installed. The last thing you want to do is get all excited about having your own washing machine and then not have it work correctly because it is shaking or spinning while washing your clothes. Even if you were not the one to install you need to be the one to maintain it and fix the balance on your machine. Check all of the legs on the machine to see which ones need to be adjusted to balance the machine. If you are unsure how to move the legs, check with your owner’s manual.

Inspect Your Hoses

You can’t talk about great GE washer maintenance tips without mentioning how important it is to maintain the hoses to and from your washing machine. The quality of the hoses could mean the difference between a dry laundry room and one that is flooded and in need of expensive washer repairs. Take the time once a month to check your washing machine hoses to see if there are any leaks to damage to the hoses. Make sure to look at the floor under the hoses to be sure no water has been leaking onto the floor. When the hoses need to be replaced, once every five years, you should consider spending a little more on stainless steel hoses.

How Much Detergent Should I Use?

Once you have checked off the previous GE washer maintenance tips there are a few more things you can do to make sure your washer is well maintained. It is important that you always follow manufacturer recommendations on what type of detergent to use and how much. All machines are different and the amount that may be right for one brand might not be best for another. And it is also recommended to pay close attention to how full you fill your washer with clothes so that you do not overload it.

But those are not all of the GE washer maintenance tips that you need to know. There is one more tip that will helpful for GE washing machine owners who use fabric softener. You may already notice that fabric softener can cause some buildup in the dispenser on your washing machine. In order for it to work properly, whenever you notice that it looks a little clogged, use a wet cloth and some hot water to get it cleaned up so you can have the soft clean clothes you want. Call us for help at  (800) 657-0765