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Appliance repair in Tarzana

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The economy has taken a toll on everyone, including small businesses in Tarzana, particularly the restaurants. The worse the recession gets, the more people, even Tarzana that have a good job and still make a really good income, have become really careful about how they spend their money. They’ve cut many luxuries from their life. Instead of going out to eat, more and more people have stopped taking advantage of Tarzana restaurants and have learned to cook for themselves, as a result the restaurants in Tarzana have started to feel the crunch. We provide appliance repair services in Tarzana 91335, 91356 and 91357. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765 

We offer appliance repair services in Tarzana in the following zip codes:

  • 91335
  • 91337
  • 91356

Tarzana restaurant owners have started to get really careful when it comes to monitoring their expenses. They have learned that if they want to stay in business they need to do everything they can to encourage people to choose their establishment when locals decide that they want an evening out on the town. Two of the ways that they have done is by making sure they offer superior dishes, and have gotten really good at making sure they have exemplary customer service. A single appliance malfunction can be all it take to disrupt the delicate balance. The shutting down of some appliances can be all it takes for some of Tarzana’s struggling restaurants to be forced to close their doors forever. Read here…

We offer the following appliance repair services in Tarzana:

We also have technicians that specialize in high-end repair services such as:

We offer the following appliance repair services:

Refrigerator Repair 

A broken refrigerator is one appliance that needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. However, despite the need for speed in the repair, it is also important that the repair is done professionally. A repair done poorly can result in worsening the problem or having the issue reappear. No one wants to deal with a leaking fridge or a broken door hinge more than once. Our technicians have experience with fridges that are single door, French-door, top-freezer, or side-by-side of all brands. They are certified and will be both efficient and effective in their work.

Washer Repair 

We service both residential and commercial washing machines with only the utmost accuracy and effectiveness. We know how to deal with both top loading and front loading washing machines and all the various issues that they can develop. We offer warranty covered parts and same day appointments. We believe in long term relationships with our customers which can only be supported by responsible and professional service by experienced technicians. All our technicians fit this profile which makes us one of the most preferred appliance repair companies in the Tarzana area.

Dryer Repair 

A dryer can be a very expensive appliance to purchase for your home. It provides a significant amount of convenience, saving you both space and time. We offer you help with preserving the investment you make in this appliance by providing only the best quality customer service and repairs. Over the last decade we have gathered an extensive knowledge base of all the issues that dryers encounter, such as overheating, insufficient heating and cycles that run for too long. Our technicians can diagnose and resolve your problem so that you can continue to enjoy the convenience of a dryer in your home.

Dishwasher Repair 

Dishwashers handle a lot of water during a cycle. That is why it’s important that your appliance does not leak and drains properly. We have a decade of experience dealing with all sorts of dishwasher problems. This has helped us build the experience necessary to resolve all of them with efficiency and long term positive results. Our technicians are professional and polite in their approach so that you understand exactly what is happening with your dishwasher and what steps must be taken to restore it back to its fully functional state.

The full impact a faulty appliance will have on the ability of the Tarzana restaurant to survive will depend greatly on the type of appliance that breaks down, and whether or not the restaurant has a backup appliance that they can use. For example, an air conditioning unit breaking down in the middle of summer will be bad, but if the restaurant has been set up with two or more air conditioning units, the loss of one is something the restaurant can continue to operate, whereas if they only had one unit and it broke down, the interior temperatures could very well get so hot that no one will stop and dine. The same is true for Tarzana that only have one freezer, cooktop, water heater, and walk-in cooler.

The cost of the appliance repair needed by a Tarzana restaurant will also have a huge impact on the businesses ability to survive. Money has gotten really tight for some of these businesses and a single repair bill could well be more than what they can handle. Seeking out Ameripro for the Tarzana restaurant appliance repair could be the difference between being able to get the appliance repaired, and being forced to figure out how to continue serving meals without the appliance. Ameripro offers a free estimate of the needed appliance repair and they will make sure that the estimate will be at least 10% lower than estimates collected by other businesses. Ameripro will honor this estimate which makes it easier to for the Tarzana to decide if they need to get the appliance repaired, of if it would make more sense for them to come up with the money to purchase a brand new restaurant appliance for the Tarzana kitchen. Read our blog here…

In addition to having the most affordable appliance repair rates in Tarzana, Ameripro continues to make things a bit easier on the local restaurant’s by providing a 10% reduction on the labor charges. Call us for help at ️(800) 657-0765