A Look at 5 Common Washer Brands

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A Look at 5 Common Washer Brands

A Look at 5 Common Washer Brands

Washers are constantly changing as new technology improves this old standby appliance. Today, you can find thousands of washer choices. They range in color, size, style, and technology. No matter how much changes, there are still a few brands that stand out above the rest. Check out these five washer brands that are the most common in American households. More information about it in this article in our blog…

Whirlpool washers are built with great attention to detail. The sturdy, bulletproof design will hold up for years. In fact, many homes are still using Whirlpool washers that belonged to their parents or grandparents. If you are looking for a washer that will last for a long time, Whirlpool is a great choice. They have a huge corner on the market and offer washers in every price range. In fact, over the past twenty years, Whirlpool has bought out Roper, KitchenAid, and Maytag so they can offer products in every price range.

General Electric is one of the main players in the washers industry. They introduced the front-loading washers that are now a huge craze among consumers. The GE front-loading washers are easy to repair with all access panels on the front. While this technology is new, most people claim that it is the future of washers. General Electric has exclusive washer lines with Penncrest, RCA, JC Penney, and Hotpoint.

Frigidaire is one of the leading choices of Americans for all appliances, but especially for washers. This brand has been around long enough to have a great reputation for high quality and sturdy design. Today, White Consolidated Industries manufactures the Frigidaire washers . In the past decade, they have made huge leaps to improving the machines and making the washer technology better than our mothers ever dreamed possible.

Amana was once known as the “Speed Queen” washing machine. Today’s Amana washers are still fast and sturdy. They are a great choice when you need a reliable washer for a busy family with lots of laundry.

Maytag stands out from other brands as one of the most innovative manufacturers. They first broke onto the scene when they released orbital washer technology and now they are bringing new innovations with the front-loading Atlantis and Performa machines.

Whether you choose Whirlpool , GE, Frigidaire , Amana , or Maytag , you can rest assured that you have a great washer as these are the brands we get the least calls for washer repair. These brands are the top choices for homes across America with their great design and sturdy technology.