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Ameripro Appliance Repair | Fridge Repair

Our Added Value for Refrigerator Repair in Los Angeles

Due to the refrigerator’s unique design, many systems are made to perform at optimal results. It’s certain that a refrigeration unit is made up of more than one compressor. One compressor is for refrigeration (to keep certain perishable products cold) and the other compressor is for freezing (to freeze products). The multi compressor system places less of a load on a single compressor. This type of design will benefit you in the long run because your refrigeration appliance will probably last longer. Moreover, the separate compressors improve the overall functionality of the foods and products being stored.

Foods and drinks such as juice, soda, fish and chicken put out interesting smells. The smell may affect other products by speeding up food spoilage. In effect, the food may be too rotten to eat. We recommend to all Los Angeles residents and home owners to call an appliance repair company immediately when fridge system breaks. We care about your products, your productivity, and your appliances, which is why we offer an amazing same day service. Our same day service is one of a kind. We have reps eager to help and dispatch a professional.

Let our dispatchers connect you with a repair pro today

Ever felt that quality repair can’t be found because of the roll out of new technology? A lot of clients have stressed that systems and appliances are more advanced than ever before. Appliances where designed to help improve quality of life, and as time passed, it did just that. It helped many people start their businesses, welcome guests to their home, prepare amazing dinners, and store perishable food products for weeks at a time. When an appliance such as a refrigerator or freezer stop working, it seems like everything just stops. People worry, business owners start to panic, and foods start to spoil. When an emergency such as this occurs, it’s vital to get someone you can trust.

A refrigerator repair specialist must know the ins and outs of a refrigeration system. A specialist understands all major brands, functions, and the technology that went into every refrigeration system from early 2000 to the present. It’s important to have a seasoned pro verify and diagnose the system to offer the best results in the industry.

The right move to make for an appliance repair is to rely on a professional whose talents cover all aspects of the repair industry. Ameripro Appliance Repair understands your needs and wants and are always standing by to fulfil them. The job is not over until the repair is completed and the appliance is working as good as new. Every corner is checked, and every detail is accounted for. Have the technicians whose passion it is to repair do what they love to do must.

Just recently we received news that one of our customers thanked our technician for the amazing work he provided to her. She’s a young woman in her mid 20’s and recently graduated from college with a masters in Economics. She moved in with her fiancé to start their life together, and suddenly, their maytag refrigerator stopped working. She was in an extreme fuss because she wanted to showoff her baking and culinary skills to the love of her life. She was in a panic and needed help asap in regards to fixing her maytag fridge to keep all her ingredients fresh for her love. She called the pros for some help. She especially asked for same-day service since it was the only time she had off. She works full time as a commercial banker in Santa Monica and usually never has time to resolve issues around the house.

A dispatcher from our home office picked up and was happily assisting her with the process of scheduling an appliance appointment. The dispatcher (as she routinely does), asks for her name, address, phone number, the make and model of the appliance, and the perfect time for a technician to come out to her property for the service call.

Sammy the tech (not his real name) came out within the desired time frame that the customer requested and was gladly able to perform an analytical evaluation on the appliance. He inspected the ins and outs of the system and within the first 5 minutes of inspection knew exactly what the problem was. He advised her that she did the right thing in calling for a professional (like himself) instead of trying to do her self or asking a friend who’s not a certified appliance repair technician.

Sammy went into his truck to get the right tools for the repair. Within the hour, her refrigerator was working as good as new. She called him and once again thanked him for his expertise in saving the day. She said: “If it wasn’t for you and the knowledge you offer as a refrigerator repair man, the dinner I hosted for my fiancé (at the time) wouldn’t have been such a success. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are now happily married and expecting our first child in the next 3 months. If it’s a boy, we will name it Sammy in honor of you”.

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Many folks such as business owners, home owners, and individuals living in apartments and condos are used to having their refrigerators and freezer systems in a perfect condition. It’s an unfortunate set back if one of these appliances stop working as efficiently as it was when you got. It’s hard to live without a refrigerator that stopped working. How will you eat? How will you entertain your guests? How will you plan for the week? These questions are all very important and we have the answers for you. With a professional repair, you’ll continue to love the quality of life you’re accustomed too. Our mission is to help with appliance repair services and this is one reason Ameripro Appliance Repair concentrates in quality repair every single day, Monday through Saturday, and all major holidays.