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Appliance Tips to Save Energy

Save Energy When using your applances

What if you could significantly decrease your energy bill each month? What would you do with all the money you saved? By taking care of your appliances and maintaining them carefully, you can dramatically reduce your energy bill and free up some cash each month. Use these […]

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A Look at 5 Common Washer Brands


Washers are constantly changing as new technology improves this old standby appliance. Today, you can find thousands of washer choices. They range in color, size, style, and technology. No matter how much changes, there are still a few brands that stand out above the rest. Check out […]

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FAQ About Washer Care

Washing Machine Care and Repair

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about washer care Does a washer need any routine maintenance? Yes! Routine maintenance is crucial to help keep- your washer running it’s best. Do I have to keep my washer level? Yes. In order for a washer to […]

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Washer/Washing Machine Maintenance Tips


Washing Machine Water-fill Hoses With normal use, your brand new washing machine’s water houses will experience normal wear and tear. These houses may need to be replaced before they leak or burst. In order to prevent this as much as possible, check out your machine’s house routinely […]

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